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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bumble bee

birthday coming up. had been thinking of preparation had already planned part of it for me, so im up to the rest of the work. i wished everything goes smoothly.


most importantly,having my loved ones with me.

hey friends,remember my birthday cards! ")

i want accompanies of good friends, good food, good drinks, hell fun!

the more i want


skinny blazer
cropped &

its all i want.

busy week,

friday-busy with assignment
saturday- work, party @ district bar
Sunday-wedding dinner, assignment

pictures to be update!

Friday, September 19, 2008

simply him

just loved the time being with BB

everywhere everytime

silly stupid smile.

Grocery Shopping

Mood: Excited
-A happy day out with BB, practically a buying day-

BB bought his Agnes b braclet, thought hes gonna neglect "kiam Kiam" but he didnt. hee.

afterwards went to artfriend to get materials for my retail design model, he kept pestering me to hurry but i just dont care. laa.. next destination, bugis to shop for a dress for upcoming dinner on sunday, finally got the dress after a long long walk. and also happy muji shopping.

so happy that ive got a new organiser and bb got a new personal pouch.

supposingly its a grooming day for ahgirl and brownie but we missed our timing and ended up a grocery shopping day instead. had ramen as dinner before that at TB plaza, you know, having chawanmushi is a MUST for me in japanese food.heh.

the nice atmosphere

spent almost 100 bucks in grocery shopping but we were simply so happy to top up the fridge with lots lots of food. whee!

lucky we had andrew to fetch us back home with tons of carriers.

Creative Thinking

what i meant about never put in too much effort in drawings cause it wont help.

Exercise 2
Finish everything within 2 days but 3 hours
Results: A

Exercise 3
Finish everything in 3 days time ( put in effort )
Results: C
Exercise 4
Innovative letterform
Finish everything within a day ( never put in any effort )
Results: A

I just want to laugh out loud when i heard richard announcing my results.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


moomoo has a new dress
a new organiser

and a lot of food


Monday, September 15, 2008

i want i want

new dress,
leather leggings
new dress,
leopard leggings
hellz bellz leggings
pvc leggings

credits to livejournal.

i want i want!

Look out for me please!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


shes always my inspirations


i feel like bombing.

Graffiti drawings for Creative thinking
Floor plan for Retail Design
Concept for Final year projects

mamamia, save me please!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

5 sep 2008

Moomoo is sick. "(

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 Sep 2008

Boring shitty Creative Thinking class. its all about drawings drawings and drawings. both shuting and i couldnt even sit still in class, going for breaks as long as we wants,playing psp,listen to music and yawns.

Boring times.

I totally stumbled everything up for RD presentation!
when am i going to overcome it??
after class, went to shuting's place for BAKING SESSION!!!!


While waiting, time for match it!!!

Taa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Enjoyed the process with the girls though got drenced in the rain after buying ingredients, hard time stirring and long time waiting.

but the outcome was still not bad for the first attempt!

i hoped everyone loves the muffins.


*try not to speak to me like that again

1 Sep 2008

Zoo zoo day!

had outing with bb's family at zoo(our last visit was like last month!) haa, anyway it was intended to bring giselle to have breakfast in the wild as her another birthday present.


we are late for the breakfast timing.


ended up having lunch at KFC, strolling around, watching animal shows and having yummy candy floss. heh.
look at tingting's engrossed expressions with the sealion.

after zoo!

both bb and i can simply fall asleep everywhere and anywhere,best on long trips.

headed to vivo for dinner with bb after some work in artica, had Kim Gary( its not very nice actually) but i still enjoyed the times shopping with bb at Daiso ( crazy $2 for everything).

i loved our new slippers.

31 Aug 2008

Mood: Tired

Long hours of standing but this is what we always grumble about.

No work= No money

understand that im by myself in the family, everybody does the same.

These few weeks had been working at J8 with SC, the egg queen. shes always laughing, and laughing.

lucky we had no eggs today!

30 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday to Giselle!!
we bought a cute dress for giselle, glad that they loved it.
our cute tingting played a big role in every meetings, she never fails to makes us smile.

she works as cinderella, she pleads, she apologise and shes always angry.

With her around, everybody is smiling.

*BB booked chalet for my 21st birthday party!

damn it, i didnt hear what they were discussing about my presies!

but im still happy!!!!

loves bb