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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy snake year 2013

Gonna sum up our chinese new year celebration in a post
so glad that our office is closed till Chu 6 :)

As usual we went to brother&sister in law place to bai nian without fail :)

Face of the day

with my huat but not so satisfied nails

Had vegan lunch and headed down to relative's place and started pouring.
They were saying its the 'water snake' this year so it has been raining all day long

We got bored in the afternoon and brought the kids to Underwater world at Sentosa.Was supposed to go to S.E.A Aquarium instead but we went to the wrong one hahaha!

It has been many years!
 Decked in HS's Studded one shoulder dress and received many compliments, heh heh

To me,the most interesting part of Underwater world was the pig tortoise 

and jelly fish

we caught the Pink dolphin performance together and both pink dolphines & sea lion were so adorable and smart!
no peektures:(


Relative's visiting on day 2 and we went blue coordinates that day

happy to have both good hair&make up day:)
blue, black and studs

long day of visiting & gambling


went casual that day for movies with family then we're back to gambling again
what's new year without poker cards right?
we had so much fun laughing at the unlucky one during our game of 'in-between' hahahah!


Jie fu had 'heng gang' for his office, had buffet and his office became a casino that day
His contractors and supplier's bets was wayyy too crazy!
i saw their minimum bets was like $500 , wow big time

we just chill in his office
 lacey girls that day:)

 we then went for visitings again then headed to get ingredients for dinner at our place
gathering with family & friends

saw ah huat white coffee and told bb ' i wan i wan' hahah!
 ah huat bai ka fei, he le yi bei you yi bei
their commercial song is so catchy haha!

our place became like some HK's home, became so tiny miny when all the people gathered
i can't stop complaining that our place is small hahah!

mil whipped up alot of dishes in a short time
thumbs up!
 niece trying to help out in the eggs

 like casino again

thats all about it
cny is all about good food, goodies ,gambling and huat ahhhhh!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Reunion Dinner 2013

For the past few years, we do not have problems with reunion dinner, cause bb's family will always give in to us to have early reunion dinner so that we won't have to clash timing with my family's reunion dinner on new year's eve :)

It was a normal work day for me and bb picked me up after work to head down to sis's place for the reunion dinner.

Happy day so i spammed my face haha!
Pink day :)

Mother in law prepared superb spread for steamboat
2 soup base with lotsa lotsa yummmms!

cannot get enough of steamboat:)


Back to my home for reunion dinner on new year eve

back to woodland, cleaned up the place, prepared steamboat and had good times with my family.
bb always fall asleep at my place, i cannot understand why too. haha!

My cny preparations
This was the first year we moved in to our love nest and i have started to buy cny goodies by myself, these are usually settled by parents or gugu.
Feeling all grown up haha!

by new year eve, the goodies increased by a lot hahahah!

went to temple for prayers mid night of new year eve
new year, new resolution, new hope

For rabbit's friends (waves)

The Rabbit’s best friend is the Dog. The Sheep and Boar are also good friends.
FINANCES – It’s a better year so try your best.
CAREER – They can be promoted at their job(s).
RELATIONSHIP – Can be more sexually active than usual. If you have teenage Rabbit kids, they need to be careful.
FAMILY – The family’s luck is better.
HEALTH – Need to be careful with bone issues.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

New hair colour for the new year!

Bb promised to help me with hair dye on cny's eve which i totally cannot wait to get rid of the horrible black roots.

was so happy that bb got me a slot a week before cny! hurray!

the very sensitive moment that i want to scratch my head badly
sensitive scalp

but wo ai mei bu yao ming 

that day
loved the colour that bb mixed for me:)

few days-weeks later
loving the faded colour even more:)

Artica is having a short promotion for the last week of February

call call call for appointment

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Happy Monday with my tony&guy hair(many colour tone), if you know what i mean=x

I was excited to bring bb to see this new place as we both loved vintage cars
even the thoughts of engaging one of the kombi for our wedding=x

the food was disappointing, only the signature chicken wing was still not bad.
maybe their thai fushion taste better

we went down specially to visit the kombi though:) 

 enormous rootbeer float

$15 red wine marinated wings

Kombi Rocks
66 Yio Chu Kang Road,
Serangoon, Singapore 545568