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Saturday, December 11, 2010

BKK Day 4!

Work has been tedious this month, our store is full of stocks, trying so hard to move the stocks faster,i hoped!
Brain cracking.......

Anyhows, back to our BKK trip :)
Its nice to recap the wonderful moments..

Due to the late morning shopping on Day 1 in BKK, we woke up late noon and skipped breakfast at hotel..
And we are ready for shopping all again!

Dressing like almost a couple from Day 1 buys :)

 We then headed to nearest platinium for little shopping and had lunch there, first time trying their food court there. They are using a platinium card for orders ( just like Kopitiam in SG ), haha we topped up too much and didnt manage to finish them..

The food was not bad, i had their 'sheng mian hor fun' the sauce is DELICIOUS!
no pictures though. haa

Then we hanged out at the shopping malls, pratunam etc..
Oh man, i bought 3 pairs of shoe at their 199baht shop. Damn shiok.
My limit of the price in BKK is not than 300baht( ard SGD$15), i can't push myself to see anything at 300plus.. haha! cheapo i know..

See the number of pairs i bought!
ok, only the oxford i got it at 380 cause i really like it and in gd quality.. bb slashed the price for me though, original price was 450..

We then headed to CTC again cause bb wanted to get birkenstocks.. we walked through the maze all over again&again. So confused with their section (soi) , we found the section in like a few hours time.
BB best buy was the snakeskin lighter pouch. haha 50baht only! BEST!

After long hours of shopping, we settled down to have chicken noodle AGAIN!
i know, but we wouldnt get sick of it, cause its simply delightful to have them..

continued shopping after the yummy beehoons, had coconut icecream for desserts! Very nice too!
but the uncle got shocked cause for 20bath icecream, we gave him 1000baht to change.. haha!we had no small change back then, felt sorry for him though..

Then after CTC, we headed to Chinatown for dinner!
remember this name ok, you can have good quality of BIRD NEST, SHARKFIN and ABALONE!
do not worry cause its cheap!!!!!

 Must-have Birdnest!

After filling dinner, we planned to head down to sepanput .. Then snifted something very nice at Chinatown,
and many people was gathering around that stall, so we kpo and went to see as well..
This stall was selling 'yu char kuay' with topping like chocolate, milk and coconut..

but we were too full to eat them straight away so we ta bao for our sepanput trip later on :)
It will be nicer to eat them straight away as it will be hot and crispy..

I cannot don't praise bb cause he is really gd at slashing price with tuk tuk's driver. They always want to cheat our money, like suppose to be 50baht distance they will say 120baht..
so bb is like '50baht, cannot then don't want' then the driver is always giving the reluctant face' okok, hop on'

We then landed at sepanput, on the first lane is the sketching aread whereby many artist will have stalls putting up their art piece to attract attention..
So i told bb ' come BKK don't have honeymoon feel, so i want to have couple sketch!'

See the crowded night market

Its at the price like 600baht to 1000 over baht depending on the kind of sketch you want.
So we settle down with this guy who looked more artistic and his portfolio was not bad..
We had our sketch at 1000baht :)

 must sit down there for about half an hour each person.
i sat till my buttock numb. haha
Then bb's turn..

 bb kept saying the sketch don't look like me cause too pretty liao. i am like 'what, good what, i will then be always pretty!'
But i felt that he did captured some of my features like my lips and eyes.

bb's face is like so easy to draw for him, so identical !!
just the droppy eyes and THICK lips itself, the whole face looked so identical already. haha
so TA DAAA!!!
The finished piece!
i rate overall 9/10 !
we were happy with the result so took a photo with him!
Note that the top right, 2nd picture, with the cowboy hat sketch was him!
He drew from his picture!
so cool right.
we both looked very tan after phuket trip. haha!

Then we started our shopping after sketch, got quite many stuffs there too.
sepanput is quite a nice night market place for shopping.
a place that we wouldnt miss out too :)
We headed back to hotel at about 12am and its time for MASSAGE AGAIN!
Had a nice nice sleep after that :)

I can only say BKK IS AWESOME!