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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Everything started because of him.
Should people ask me why i didnt like to go home?
Because it doesnt seemed like a home.
I really dont understand why did he fought so hard to keep someone he couldnt even take care of.Cant he just let her live in a much more happy family? Didnt he realise when he cant even take care of the 3 he had now?
He was blessed because the 3 lived independently and even stood up for him when he needed them.
Now, he even wants them to take responsibilities to take care of his wrong-doings and sounded like they should do it for him. Wth is he thinking man.

I am praying that the appeal would fail.
I mean how lonely can he be when he is already going 60?

I know im gonna sound mean when i say this but why the one who stayed, is not my mum instead?

My mum wouldnt want us to suffer this way.
I miss u mum.

i miss them too!

Time files

Time really files.
Coming third week of 'new job' , the same routine everyday except praying that nothing goes wrong with the deliveries. Office hours can be really tiring, maybe im just not used to it yet. Did i mention i started drinking coffee to keep myself awake? sigh or i should get red bull to give me wings? The fishing bus journey trip was tedious as well.

Really cant wait to move to a bigger space of office&store. Excited as they painted the walls of the colours i asked for (also the colour scheme of our upcoming website)
Happi :) its gonna be cosy definitely.

meanwhile still waiting for the website & photoshoot pictures. Hurry!!!!

So soon,
Its coming to the end of 2009
I really hope 2010 would be a damn good year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First day of new chapter

Now i feel like sleeping at 8pm

and thats bad...

trying new things

Yes or no?