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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New year new hair cut

Planned to chop off my irritating long hair

bb researched and found a nice pixie cut

i was anticipating but also nervous about this hairstyle..

Hurry camwhore with my long hair before i chopped off them

asked my colleague to help me with pictures while trying on new dress at office
pardon the naked torso lol! this was our working line

Last day of work before CNY :))
rushed down to ARTICA for my long waited cut

still loving the poster i did hahah

ok i also love the man behind my back hahaha
 chop chop chop

hair dying processs

 the man picked a bright copper colour for me

okay i opted out the pixie cut and chose a bob cut instead as i still can't picture myself with that cut . haha!
next time perhaps
wanna try the rainie yang's haircut first
bb rolled eyes lol!

i had bob cut before but usually with bangs
so i kept my fringe this time round for a more mature look :)

The before and after look

ARTICA is still having the promotion
so you should have a 


Monday, January 30, 2012

Got to love more beaute app

Loving the ding xiao qing's lashes from taiwan
pardon the cock eye haha

My 94 year old ah ma

My grandma got hospitalized last month for a week
she got heatstroke :(

But am really glad she's back to pink health already :))
i forced her to smile again

Sunday, January 29, 2012


If Christmas didn't fall on Monday, i wouldnt have the chance to spend the day with bb.
thank god. haha

My colleague bought me a dinner deal at Tinge of blue as a birthday gift but i make it a Christmas dinner instead :)

The restaurant are just located at Mount faber, 10mins drive from home, convenient enough heh..

nice atmosphere i have to say but the food was overrated :(

Dinner included with : 
White wine
Main course

i rate this restaurant 2/5

Dining deals are unbelievable haha 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas with good friends

backdated i know but!!!!

a last minute christmas brunch meet up with the girls at holland V

gift exchange with the girls and a very long catch up with ting
 gifts from xia
gifts from ting
she even got me a cute muffin maker all the way from perth
love her to the bits :)))))

i'm still anticipating with our meet ups before she go back to perth again :(

Had another christmas meeting at evening at tingting's place
STEAMBOAT! all time favourite lol!

cute decorations at tt's place

very long table to fit 10 people :)

gift exchange
i was totally aiming the sea horse pillow from scott!!!!!

i didnt get it in the end
lucky paulyn did..

ive got bottles of vitamins which is also meant to be mine as they all think i have a weak body lol!

we then ended the night with tons of games and red wines.
everybody went crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

love the gatherings with the Christmas mood

Friday, January 27, 2012


IKEA meatballs are love!

we grabbed a beagle soft toy : totally ah girl's clone
mattress shopping

we brought her home

sadly, ah girl isnt very friendly to her and howling the whole night, knocking at the door because she knew it was in it.

so we had to place ah girl's clone in car for precautions. lol!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad nails experience

Planned ahead for this nails pampering session with the girls earlier on Dec.

1st stop : Holiday plaza
we went to check out the nail parlor but it was fully booked so we planned to check out KSL branch instead.

The girls spent half of their $ with contact lenses buy at optical shop..hahaha

i bought one box too:
box of 5 daily pair contact lens

2nd stop : KSL

The nail parlor was fully booked too but the lady boss was kind enough to squeeze us in with slots after 45mins.
We went to had quick lunch at hong kong cafe

food was not bad :)

the whole of the trip was kinda rush, we seemed like panting alot lol!

the nails session was a very scary experience.
i have to announce that this was the first time doing the MOST EXPENSIVE NAILS EVER!

while doing the cuticles we were 3 mumbling about the price and all hahah
 we all did classic mani n pedi but with gelish for hands
MINE WAS RM217 = about 90SGD
Bee B : RM230
Curry : RM190

first and the last time im going to that parlor!

firstly, i dont like that girl's skills and not meticulous enough and most importantly i think they are overcharging!

heart very pain :(

the next day the diamonds started to drop off
im like wth !

whatsapp bee b and told her im not going to that parlor ever again
2nd day
 3rd day : index finger's crystal all gone

needless to say,by now, all crystals are gone.
my fake toe nail dropped off too!

i even went to touch up at a random parlor at bugis for my hand and feet at SGD60.
so i had spent a total of $150 on my nails.

i told myself im going to do plain colours for the rest of my life

Morale of the story : do not go to the nail parlor at KSL!
they tok singaporeans $ !!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

gold baos

i designed a gold-ang baos for purpur this year

Everyone likes it.
I liked it too compared to the few years back designs.

no proper picture because they're all gone now.