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Friday, October 25, 2013

Pre-birthday celebration with my favourite girls

As years gone by, actually i do not feel special for birthdays anymore but i really do love to meet up with my girls for simple eating session, random shopping and non-stop gossips with them:)

Me & bt googled brunch places together a week before and we decided on Toby's estate
 Brought camera out and this post shall let the pictures talk as they are all too pretty:)

8 Rodyk Street  Singapore 238216
 ratings 4/5

eons ago since last ktv session!
i do not have any birthday cake but i have Krispy Kreme !!!!!

my birthday giftssssss
so loveeeeee
thank you ladies for making time for meeeeeee
i love love ni men :)

Another thing i like about my birthday
My hubby is a really short-tempered guy but i do get special princess treatment on the day itself, like 'today you are the queen' , 'whatever you like i will do it' , 'no need to do housework' , 'i come pick you up from work' etc etc.. so loved man. but you know when the clock strikes 12, he will look at me ' your birthday is over '
 i'm like
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, so sad:(!!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our wedding invitation cards

I did the designing many months before because i knew i wanted to design our own wedding cards.
Wanted it to be like a movie ticket that i put in the barcode and etc...

was all so excited when i went for printings!!woohoooo
for those who are interested,the cost of printing for each card was around $0.40
together with the envelopes and stamps, the total cost for customizing our invitation cards was around $200 ?  

I did two version, chinese for relatives and ticket version for friends:) 

i heard alot alot of comments about the cards, good and bad la but me & hubby is like ' what matters most is we loved it :) '

love seeing instagram tags!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Food tasting at Swissotel Stamford

Two family meeting
The food tasting was about tasting and comment about the dishes and also discussion of GDL.
I felt alittle weird that it ended up like guy's side asking about what they want from the girl's side as my dad is a really easy going father, he wants everything to be as simple as possible.
that explains my character

the food tasting was hosted on time and the in charge were friendly and very patience towards us

the comment booklet for us to write on our feedbacks about the food

they showed us each dish for us to take photo before they portioned them for 10.

I am not a food picker, so the family does the job by commenting the too salty or bland part.
The fish wasn't that good, as we heard its frozen but the chef said he will try to see what he can do...
We switched the dessert to glutinous rice with ice cream instead of yam paste for something different :)
Overall the food tasting was great 

Before the food tasting, we went to see the geomacer once again for the GDL date and timing of reaching the groom's place.
Mr you long zi is really a funny guy and super accurate when he palm read my hubby's hand and everything he mentioned about him was super accurate!

i will want him to read me in near future for better luck maybe?

Friday, October 11, 2013

i can't handle Ryan gosling

he's not real

AD gown fitting

Went for AD gown fitting 2 weeks back and collected the albums and bed frame, so exciteddd!
As usual, we are jammed at the immigration :(
his face was all black because i overslept =x

Fables was all busy as we missed our appointment slot so we went for lunch first

heavy lunch ! i dunno why i wasn't concern that i'm going fitting afterwards hahaha!
*shake head to myself

so happy to collect the albums and bed frame!
 one of my fav shot

looking at all the photos reminded me of that "special day" of several black out,puking and diarrhea omg..scaryy

It's all worth it

i wasn't really contented with their gown selection as there wasn't a piece that wowed me and ain't the dream wedding gown

some of the unselected gowns

but bb said i looked nice in the chosen ones so i guess i will look okay on AD :)
Finally done with the bridal shop and have left with GDL, bridesmaid meeting and the most tedious part of wedding(GUEST LISTS)

wish me luck