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Monday, February 27, 2012

Last picture at Henderson

We were the last to move out from 14th storey. Eery corridor

I'm glad that we've finally moved out
i'll probably miss only the convenience of public transport there

byebye Henderson * waves waves

See you in another 5 years time, see you grow up to the height of 48th storey :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you love liu sha bao?

One of my favourite dim sum isss

Okay only have tried 2 places, rui chun & victor's kitchen liu sha bao
and i like it more from rui chun as its more liquidy compared to victor's.

from rui chun!

Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant 瑞春点心

185/191 Jln Besar, Singapore, 208882
Mon–Sat: 6pm – 10am
Sun & PH: 6pm – 12pm
(Closed on Tue)
Feeling hungry during the midnight?
right place to go!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My gf is now a mum

Bee b was so brave to carry the 1 day old baby :)
cassandra doesnt want to open her eyes to entertain us:(

 i am happy for her, yes i do :)

Fast and furious!

Did a photoshoot with Junying(another pretty babe)
she was the only model whom are on time of all shoot! haha

we finished the shoot within 2hrs!
i like it in fast and furious way haa!

Some sneaks!

Stay tune!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photoshoot tomorrow

I'm kinda excited and nervous about the shoot tomorrow.
New face tomorrow :)

Wild honey date

A simple date with b
He will only be much taller whenever he styled his hair like this =x

i think i felt in love with mcm
i want their bucket bag, wallet , clutch and bag pack !


We went to Far east to have lor mee!our favourite food!
He's not sick of going back to far east during off day just to have lor mee haha!
Its only available on Monday and Friday at ISLE CAFE :)

We then went for some shopping and movie at Illuma.
Okay, weird encounter.
The system down and they handwritten our tickets and informed us it will be free seating


you must go in earlier to chop good seats!

After movie we went Wild honey for dinner (Mandarin Gallery)
All day breakfast ( Heard raves about the restaurant ) 

sad to say its not up to our liking
the food was way too salty!
overrated and overpriced:(

Monday, February 20, 2012


This is simply gorgeous!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New year eve 2011

Random celebration for the last day of 2011 in office

toast to the best of 2012!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

exploring the flash light

Thanks to sop, gotten the ring flash light at only $80 :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A nerd party staycation at Hotel Re !

Finally, sorted out all pictures!!! Gosh, i took 200 over pictures that day! lol!

So this staycation thing happens every Christmas but only started since last yr! lol!..
This year, we booked hotel re, a boutique hotel, in my review for the hotel will be 3/5, everything's good except for the location.hahah. 

There we go!
I brought over my heavy camera tgt with food and clothings.
Heavy die me!
when i got there, shernie was sleeping comfortably but i'm like ' open the curtainnn ' hahaha

i'm going to hit you 'look'

this girl came with her own breezer and enjoy alone
 she looked so 'Christmas' here :)
We then started our potluck feast very soon after ive reached~
i love potluck!! :)

i deep fried those finger food for a damn long time!
thats why i was late=x
everyone's potluck was nice..
i missed yan's crabmeat mayo already lol!

party started

of cus, we continued with camwhoring all the while~ lol

i loved this photo from bt's cam

We had gift exchange every christmas too!

i already knew what was inside=x

bee b's heart pumping moment!!
she doesnt want to get jiayi's present again this yr(its like fated for her to get JY's present every year lol!)
drum rollsss.............................................
shernie got bee b's gift!!



ive gotten tons of masks hahaha
 the aftermath

after all the gift exchanging, we continued the party with food,drinks and



she suddenly became a rugby player with those masks , skin care products & bottle....

LOL TTM! we couldnt stop laughing with her!

Then there she goes again
acting like emperor 
the Christmas hat was epic lol!

shernie is always the entertainer man. hahahha

we continued the day nuaing on bed, chit chatting,gossiping and stuffs

During the night, we started with wine and champagne..
weird ideas came againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

we wanted to do a wedding and the song picked was
lol! same song as last yr but we upgraded this year with proper gown & set-ups.

Wedding gown-check
set-up -check


the heartwarming moment
doing the veil lol!
ok with hand towel hahah

well dressed bride
dunno whether to laugh or cry
with hand towel as veil & bathrobe as her gown lol!

the bride & groom

okay the moment!
they were hiding behind the wall, waiting for the queue of the song

' fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm this moment'

we took like 5 or more videos because they keep NG! they couldnt open the bottle lol!

take 1

take 5!
yup we did all over again & again and we were laughing like mad

finally it went smoothly on the take 5 haha

and that was a wrap hahaha...

but we continued the night with recording us singing
'Last christmas'
awkward shit lol and we looked at each other and goes like
'why are we doing this?' hahahahah

to kill the boredom over the staycation, we went to play some board games at scape till midnight :)

went back to the hotel and removed make-up n shernie was playing away with my falsie .

i dont know her really

hope you wouldn't have any nightmares seeing this hahaah

we ended the night with cup noodles and tibits

explored my gifts in the morning:)

love love

the checking out
the weather looked like they were at genting lol

We went for yumcha for breakfast at chinatown~
life is good:)

 my favourite

i had so much fun with the girls man!

i hope im not the next to sleep on the floor this year haa!
i will upload the video if i happen bee b able to send me =x
it will be hilarious again!