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Monday, April 12, 2010

ROM Venue

We have been to the location to take a better look and ideas.

This is the place that we will be holding our mini ceremony.
It would be just a simple yet meaningful one.

This would be little garden that we will be holding the ceremony :)

Its quite hard to imagine the plan now though. Gonna have seats, tables and decorations.

This is at the back of our venue, sad. But its okay we can run over for pictures :)

The interior

I don't really bother what others think though, cause it would be a special day to gather family and friends for a long time instead of a restaurant that could only stay for a 2 hours.

I hope to capture that moment in mind forever for that day.

1 comment:

littleredsg said...

congrats on your rom! nsrcc looks reali nice and cool!!!
but do they hv any issue with us bringing in our own caterer and florist? do we need to alert them first?