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Sunday, November 28, 2010

BKK Day 3 !

Checked out from Honey Resort at 9am and headed to the airport after breakfast.
Thanks to the newly wed couple for fetching us to the airport :)

the 1hr ride was really long, while bb spent his time taking a nap, i was capturing the street of Phuket.

I find Phuket is a quiet piece of land, everything is simple.
Love it !


Finally, reached the airport and checked in!
We were very excited about the shopping at BKK back then, can't sit still. haha!

Reached touched down at BKK at 2plus and hailed a cab straight to our hotel!

I have booked Baiyoke Boutique( about SGD$160 for 4d3n) this time round, hmm overall was not bad, just the internet again..
haha, no free wi-fi, have to pay 200baht per hour.
BB grumbled..

The best thing of the hotel was that its located VERY near pratunam shopping paradise or some think platinum is the best, its just walkable distance away too.

This is our hotel room

The moment we checked in to the hotel, vrrooom, got changed and headed out for shoppingsssss!!!

First station, MBK !
I thought could settled in getting B's family member stuffs first but i forgot to bring my phone out!
Can't remember what they want..haha

Then we headed to Siam square and had our lunch at A&W.
Like its a must to have them in BKK. haha

After lunch, we went back for shopping again.
Wanted to have nails done at the same salon/nail parlour but it was fully booked.

So i ended having nails done at a superb small nail shop at siam sqaure.
I did express mani(abit of nail art) & pedi for SGD13
So happy with the cheap rates.

 My polkadots

Our BKK itinerary was basically shop, eat, shop, massage, eat, sleep.
Damn shiok life !
so damn miss it man!

this was my half day buys

Shopped till midnight and went for massage then back to hotel to clean up and take a nap
and went back to shop at 2am again!
can you imagine that?

i was busy shopping and didnt had time to take any pictures.

Had our favourite chicken beehoon at 5am was the best part of our day 1 at BKK.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Phuket Day 2 !

We woke up at 6 plus to wash up and get ready for our Day trip at Phiphi Island.
Had a quick breakfast provided by the resort but we didn't have time for digestion at the bathroom and the mini van was here to pick us up. haha!

Both of us were praying that we won't have tummyache during the 1hr plus car ride to the pier. haha!

Finally after 1hr plus car ride, we reached the pier and directed to the cruise !

 Mr vainpot applying his sunblock!
Lomo Lomo :)

Reaching soon after another hour plus...... Finally just look through sea.

The bangala wrapped his head to avoid heat burn, then start chatting away with this ang moh beside him about tattoos.. FOREVER!
His topic with someone is always about his tattoo.

Neh, that is the angmoh he was chattering away on the stairs. Cool psychiatrist !
The cruise just stopped by the middle of the sea for us to snorkel !!

Many just jumped off immediately !!


Okay i though i was all excited until the people on board threw some bread to the sea and how ALL THE FISHES gathered just before we can jump down..
I was like telling myself ' once i jump down, i will swim towards as far as i can away from the fishes'
they seemed like they will attack me in anyways..

So here i go, far far away..

Then i started telling myself to stop wasting my trip, ' i am here to snorkel, not to run away from the beautiful corals and fishes.' so i started to snorkel and take some pictures..

 Finally awhile of snorkeling, we went up to the cruise. Some were still snorkeling away~
Totally love the sea.

Yeap, then the trip continued for some sight seeing places like maya bay and etc.
But me and bb knocked out ! sleeping away while they were doing the talking.
We were simply enjoying the sea breeze. haha!!

half an hour later, we reached phiphi don pier!!

We were all ready for lunch already !!!!
Then we stopped by a restaurant and lunch buffet was provided for us..
Okay, the buffet is bad cause its only like tom yum soup, rice and a few dishes.

Nah, whatever, we didnt't care much anyway as we still have free time to walk around and grab some street snacks :)
They have really yummy chicken drumsticks! OMG, i want to have them now already....

We just walked around during our free-time, and then we stopped by and saw this cute monkey..
BB was like ' take out your camera and snap '
then the lady said ' photo taking 100baht '

Everything can be business in thailand !!

So we just gave it to her cause its only like 4 dollars.

Mr monkey just lay his hand on B's forehead once he sat on his shoulder!
Looked so much like a boss!
 Then suddenly he asked me to come nearer!
 See, he grabbed my hand to stick nearer!

 Then my turn ! 
But once he sat on me, he started to take off my curry pok hairclip!
His mum scolded him then he cried. HAHA!
Then dunno what he wants again..
 Joyful time taking pictures with him
The 100baht was worthwhile! hahahah!

After photo taking time, we went back to the cruise.
Decided that we should sit in air-conditioned seats this time round.

NOT BAD STILL, GOT PLASMA TV! haha, watched AVATAR throughout the whole of 1 hour plus journey.

Fruity day trip!

Mini van picked us up from pier to our resort again, yawning away and slept in throughout the journey.

Back to comfort zone once again,  i had a little swim at our pool before getting washed up !

Thailand famous ' PIZZA COMPANY '

Camwhoring away with the couple!

 Spicy drumlets!
 Tom yum flavour with sausage crumbs !!

After heavy dinner, we went on to have ICE CREAMS again!!
55baht - $2.40 ??????

 My caramel ice cream!

Ice cream commercial starts here !

They facial expression all very commercial..

After yummy ice creams treats, bb and i went on to have MASSAGE AGAIN TOO!
a long day after the trip so must enjoy a good massage.
We have thai massage this time round..


 My huge pants!
BB's LA BA PANTS TOO! hahaha!

After comfortable body massage, we headed back to resort and rest.
Thought we should have tibits party with the newly weds too but were too tired already.
Body aches after swimming.. You know how much i exercise in my life already. haha!

Knocked out within 5 min while bb still trying his pace within the wireless connection in the room!!

I missed the lazy life in phuket already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!