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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The day before wedding day

The day before actual day wedding, the day right after hen's night
Went to Junying and did my bridal nails
Met Jewel, she was waiting at the door, too cute!
She's really damn professional, everything seemed easy for her
(u know it when u go to some nail parlour and they can't deliver whatever pic you show them).
My nail was done within about an hour or so...

i say, if you want really pretty nails done, find Junying to do it, no regrets

bb sent me the photo of the deco for the ride in the noon
done by JM floral (our banquet florist)

Met curry to collect flower brooches after that and we hung out at causeway point and she treated me yummy waffles
(good friends just want you to be fat and don't worry about tomorrow)

she came over to my place with me too accompany me, then i realised my place doesn't feel any wedding mood yet, so weird, my place was so quiet.....

till the bridesmaids decided to pop by :))

ok then i felt the atmosphere after the noisiness at home haha!

thank god i have my girls to accompany the night with me:)
sorry if i scares you with my masked face

got ready for the big day with just 2 hours sleep=x

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The one i miss dearly

so glad that right profile look alittle alike like her:)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My another hen's night (bachelorette party)

I had a hen's party with the same girls back on 2010 and they are so nice to arrange another one for me!!!
I wasn't even suspecting or guessing whether if they will throw another party for me as i know everybody was so busy with own schedule.

2 days before the wedding, BT brought me to a complimentary spa massage at somerset. I enjoyed the massage!! I wasn't suspecting at all, i swear !! You can tell by my sloppy outfit that day loL!

We then headed for some shopping and was supposed to meet shuting to pass her the bridesmaid dress at plaza sing but for some reason she told me she's not meeting me and told me that she will just come and change to the dress on the wedding day itself. I did not suspect once again as i thought she was having jet lagged as she just got back from perth just for the wedding. 

My phone was dead and was using BT's phone all the way.. So ended up we did not meet shuting, so i asked BT if we should have dinner before we go back to woodlands and she suggested to go Timbre to have dinner together with her sister. I agreed and the funny part was that i replied bt ' hmmm but i want to go home early after that and she gave me a stunned look'asking if i'm sure. lol i didn't got what she meant at that time....

so when we reached timbre, i was still asking 'bt, is it weird that we join your sister and her friends? do we know her friends???' she replied 'you know oneeeeeee' so i thought ok, maybe her xiuyan they all(jamie's friends) .. ok....

Followed bt''s footstep and when we reached almost to the stage area i saw shuting and shuxia
my mind went like
''wahhhh whyyy shuting meet shuxia but don't want to meet me????' , i thought she at tampines, why she meet shuxia come timbre but don't want to meet me???? " feeling angry and wanted to go confront her then i realised beeteng went to the table and sat down....
okay...then i realised the situation hahahaha

complained to them about how i felt and told them beeteng can go work at mediacorp already hahahahah

spent the night listening to goodfellas, favourite pizza and beer!

they made me wore a veil and hold a ward like angel
but my outfit really tak match hhahaha

then these girls told me we are having a second round and brought me there
i got a shock!
they told me i need to do a task and one of them was to take the reverse bungy ride
i got so stress and agitated 
 i kept scolding them ' you all ah, next time get married you all will get the same treatment from me '
my outfit still cannot make it

i was seriously considering taking the ride as the i get to choose the 2nd task which was to ask 3 guys to treat me a drink in a club. I was like, hmmmm i'm not a PR person leh, not very outgoing as well, i don't think i can do it..
But all of them keep asking me to take the 2nd task when they saw my face really considering the ride hahahha

 ' wah lao i wear like that where got people want to treat me drinkkkkkk ' i said

and shuting offered to let me wear her bridesmaid dress that ive gotten her lol!

then off we went to shanghai dolly in awkward mode...
*hunting for target mode
while looking for target saw 2 other bride to be inside shanghai dolly
*thinking why their friends never ask them to ask people to treat them drinks

*still looking for target
so the first guy, he congratulated me because he saw me on veil
i thinking here comes the chance
hit it

this was the guy, he talked to me for so long but never got me a drink -_-
hahaha but at least he manged to ask another guy to get me a 151

so i hunted another guy beside him hahaha

 the conversation was hilarious
he asked'what drink would you like?''
me : tequila shot
him : what?
me: TE quila shot
him: whatttttttttttt
me: TE QUILA? Tequila shot??
me: okay lah, just me get a beer
him : ahhh okok


 Finally first one down

then the first guy i talked to ,asked the other guy to get me 151...
my reaction was like ''huhhh, need to get so strong alcohol or not ''

look abit like me poly lecturer hahah!

thank you thank you and continued looking for a third one
okay they play fierce one
pour martell into mouth for 5 sec
mine was 3 sec

his turn
i did not hold back any strength lol until his friends begged me to stop hahahah
see i so nice, stained his shirt some more
hahahahaha =x

but still thank you!

i finished my task within 20mins

we call off the night after sitting at subway for awhile
random i know hahaha!

I appreciate the efforts my girls spent organizing the gathering
 big love to all my bridesmaids !

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some preparations

 The draft of angbao box(done by my lovely xia)

Wrapping over at home

stickers for the angbaos
 individual ang baos for brothers & bridesmaid

I personally think that the "'GUEST LIST'" task is the most tedious part of the wedding, everything else was quite manageable. Its very annoying when there are last minutes changes or even receiving messages whoever who can't attend the wedding.
I wanted to coordinate everything nicely but i thought i just leave it to my bridesmaids and not to brood over anything. No point feeling frustrated or even try very hard to plan as it will still cork up in the day of event.

the draft guest list (messy)
 edited(still messy)

 draft seating arrangements

so relieved when my jessica helped me typing and arranging guest list nicely

got my hair makeover done and ready for the day.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


壓床 (Bed Setting)

Why is Bed Setting important?

It symbolizes a blissful marriage, abundance of fortune and offspring for the couple as well as good health.

Thursday, January 2, 2014