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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nasty feelings

were they people whispering to my ears pestering me to get angry or upset?
the sensitivity is so strong that i couldnt even recognize myself.
sometimes i think what i need was security.
the security of importance that keeps me going.

moomoo wants to be existed.

29 July 2008

You know Teamwork is not as easy as you think.
So i think we should think before we raise our hands
even we were the best friends.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

26 July 2008

At last, Comda has ended. I did rubbish work for it and my growth of hatred for prostitution. and finally my sleeping time is waving towards me.

Talking about my fututre,im totally clueless.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

23 July 2008

i hate typing reports seriously.
Comda is making me go nuts with brain-storming,statistics and evidence.
Kill me!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

20 July 2008

A LIBRA-ian could hold a grunge for a very long time.

19 July 2008

Sometimes when I'm alone
I wonder,
is there a spell that I am under
Keeping me from seeing the real thing?

Love hurts
But sometimes it's a good hurt
And it feels like I'm alive
Love sings
When it transcends the bad things

Have a heart and try me
Cause without love I won't survive
I'm fettered and abusedI stand naked and accused
Should I surface this one man submarine?

How much do you know about me?
and how much did you try to understand?
I am drifting away from who i really am.

maybe that is what you want.

18 July 2008

Happy Birthday to TEO SHU TING.

Mini celebration with the girls. As usual, a simple dinner @ cafe cartel, drinking and singing session @ boat quay. However, its all worth it with gossipping and drinkings to the bottom.

Crazy people with crazy stunts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

14 July 2008

Happy Zoo DAY!!!!!

Our very first time to zoo together ")
Had lunch with bb's mum at Jurong Point.superb heavy lunch at ichiban??didnt really catch the im enthu in making a japanese meal with japan's utensils.heh. Was into the topic of marriage,apartments and babies. i had a different mentality compared to the past. ")
What im so happy about the trip was there is 20 %rebates with Citibank Card
I had a Happy zoo day with BB,unfortunately there were no moomoo.haa. we could just spend time sitting there watching at baboons.they are simply cute,stress-free lives,searching for fleas and weird weird actions like stretching their bird bird like rubber band when they had nothing to do.LOL.

Some pics to share!!

After happy zoo day,head down to bugis. casual shopping and bought something in wish list.heh.good.
Before heading home,we had our all time favourite "that boney Cake" at NYDC.however,its not that nice compared to the outlet at heeren.but i still do enjoy the times talking senseless stuffs with him.")

His fart made me couldnt go near him for at least 10 mins.choke choke!lol.i shall just pretend tha i do not know him and walk

I love my bb and everything.

im changing for myself.letting go.

Friday, July 11, 2008

9 July 2008

A weird dressing not used to superb flare tops/shorts and the superb high cut gladiator.good try.BB thinks its nice but i still somehow dont feel
The schedules of VMP2 and Comda makes me feel tired."(
i hope it ends soon.
The stress of FYP is coming soon.

4 July 2008

After the day of clubbing,next day of work
Working as dressers with all my girls under daniel boey for BEBE show @ Meritus Mandarin.
Saw familar faces,Paul,Maria and Karina.
They so much reminds me of my
The cool tag for crews @ backstage.

a tired day.

3 July

A slacking/Clubbing day.
A girls day out.
Reached class late,with my favourite peach tea(a need in school),trying to focus on illustrator with my fellow classmates and we ended playing games on viwawa.Oops.
This is called Life.

After deciding not to go for the library talk for Comda,we landed at fareast plaza, had lunch at Ramen Ten. Spicy mapo is HOT!! but its nice though ")
after lunch i decided to have my hair dyed,of course,at ARTICA(support!!!). its supposed to be a simple dye but it ended up 5 hours and my scalp feels burning, as i hit off with the intention of bleaching my hair, i didnt want bleaching to kill my hair.therefore i ended sitting there with numb ass.

i loved my new colour.heh..
Headed off to Dbl O with my girls. drank abit,dance abit and head home.

look at the 2 drunkard look alike girls beside.unintentionly same
im so glad that he had mac for me for my supper.heh....

28 June 2008

Yanyan's 21st Birthday!

My 8 years girlfriend and counting.
Late Post as well,still waiting for her to forward me the plenty pictures ")

27 June 2008

BB's belated birthday post
With family (26June)-Tian Tian huo guo
With me (27 June)-Birthday gifts and meal
With buddies(27 June)-Birthday supper
With colleagues(28 June)-Partyworld
Pictures more to come!!!!!!!!
My Birthday cards and gift (Primo Watch) for BB.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 July 2008

listening: almost lover

its raining cats and dogs.
feeling all sorts of emotions.
i hate the feelings that i have to face the fact that your dad is re-marrying another person and adding 3 additional people into your family. Its not like i care about your personal matters but it does make a difference are not like a rich old man, you have 3 kids for god sake, and did you ever have any morals of responsibilties? the answer is NO! i hate to say that, you bring troubles rather than love to the family. I do not hate you but it hurts me,myself and the rest of them. watching it happens helplessly is the worst part of all. Its not like im grumbling that you have to support the whole of the family but at least have some responsibilties in thinking about the rest.
this is a bad childhood,bad teenage, worst being an adult. bad bad one seriously.
Can i just hide somewhere?

1 July 2008

listening: in love with a girl

Morning classes makes me kinda sick,always had the problem in waking up, i wondered why. Sometimes i did think of why am i going for school when my passion is already not so much of it anymore. Did i just go to school for the sake of i need a diploma? Kinda confusing. But, however, i am still fighting for it,over and over again to meet the march next year. Its gonna be alot of group projects,FYP and stuffs, so im not gonna sabotage my friends by not doing my work. Tonics should be getting in my way to be myself awake.

Anyways,went for movie craze with my girls after the scary ComDA class yesterday. watched "WANTED".

and i have to say that Angelina Jolie is soooooooo HOT!
Look at her!

had a great time with the girls, even though its only few hours shopping and movie, it had really soothes the nasty feelings i had on the previous day. and BB bought me the superb high cut gladiator which was in my wish list for our anniversary.

sweet thoughts of him.