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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

girlfriend bday/proposal

It was yan's bday celebration plus a gathering she and her bf organized before their big day.

So, i wasn't there for the dinner cause i had another impt dinner to go to but my heart was there..haha
the girls got the cake for yan 
weird but creative..
slices of cake cause we always ended up couldn't finish one whole cake

Then i rushed down after dinner to the ktv gathering
So, yan's bf came into the room with a cake & bouquet of roses 
kneel down with a ring and proposed to yan even though they had already planned for their wedding.

she teared
jess teared 
i almost teared too

We wished them all the best in the future though we hardly know about her & her bf :)


ps:everyone said i looked like dolly that day which was weird cus most ppl called me ahboy
that top will be in upcoming Hanasecret collection btw :))))

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My favourite rosti and crepes

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bb's offical bday day

So after the staycation over at the chalet, we went home to get wash up and head out for lunch & movie date :)
We then headed to Great world city, haven't been there for quite a long time and i thought we can go window shop for some home ideas

like couple outfits,haha!
 felt so hip on that day =x

so we had lunch at crystal jade and had favourite peking duck

then we went on to get tickets for Mr popper penquin
and window shopping!!

I wanna go home is really a place for creative furnitures, love them so much

we got book for home decors and i got 2 book for b
he need motivations!

The following pic was our dream home decor
minimalist & animal prints

ps: new home completing in nov
very mixed feelings with excitement and the same amount of stress

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bb's Birthday !

This year, my birthday gift to bb was to arrange a bbq party for him/family and friends.
I know bb love to gather with his friends, thats why.

I prepared sanwiches during midnight

and woke up early to prepare all the stuffs while bb went to work as per normal.

me and family headed to costa sand first for preparations while the kids went to wild wild wet.
I didnt help out much as mother in law was doing all the cooking there.
and i had to head back to woodlands to celebrate my dad's bday as well 

From pasir ris-woodland
then woodland - orchard
orchard to pasir ris

My journey was hectic, i knocked out in train, phew! i woke up in time. haha

I went to Orchard to collect bb's bday cake.
Bb's favourite cake , chocolate
so i came to know that awfully chocolate cakes are famous for its rich and thick chocolate.

ordered a 10.5" cake which weighs about 2kg plus..
the cake looked small but its really HEAVY!

and i was LUCKY that i got a cab in snap with the damn long queue at ION as one of cab was changing shift and back to pasir ris!


so when i reached the chalet, most of bb's guest arrived.
just mingled around and help out a little here & there
lucky mother in law was there to help out and being understanding that i didn't manage to help out due to the clash with my dad's bday :)
so pictures time!

Celebration time~
the awfully awesome cake

 tingting always love to join in the *blowing of candle, sing song and cutting cake part. haha

i still wan to say, the cake was  AWESOME!!
BB was happy and im happy too!

so i caught his friends trying to sabotage bb with the cake but i was EYEING them cause im warning them that the cake was expensive and cannot waste bits of it.

and here comes the retribution for evil thoughts
ah yang was the mastermind and he accidently sat on someone's cake on the table.
he looked like he just shit on his pants

the bbq went on and on until about 2am.
i was packing and packing all the way till all his friends left.

Wanna thank you family/jeff and kent and friends for the help of the event

CHEERS TO 31st Birthday to old man b!
love you

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Recently we had a plan which was to venture Hanasecret from online store to physical store.
You can now locate Hanasecret at 
Far East Plaza #01-61 (PURPUR)

A little space where we showcase our items
-New arrivals( Every Thursday )

Support our space at Far East Plaza today!
I did all the marketing collateral from hang tags/paperbag/banners and stuffs for HS.

You can now touch and try our self manufactured pieces.
Come on down and show us some love at Far East Plaza

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bt's twin sis bday

Bt invited us to her sis's 21st bday celebration at pasir ris chalet
Both me n jy arrived early to help out and some cycling time..

so when we reached, huimin was crying for help for her decorations
so we did the help out

Was playing with huimin's new toy
i think nikon is the best!:)

after helping out, we went for cycling!
been ages since i last cycled, i remembered the last was years ago that i cycled with purpur friends from east coast to changi for nasi lemak.
Bumb numb!

This time was only for an hour and we felt the aches already
really, age is catching up!

after the cycling, we went back for the celebrations.
their guests arrived and we just hide in the chalet for our own talks.

Bday cutting time..
I was assigned to be the camera person throughout the celebration
not a profession lucky they didnt mind

the twins

Us with huimin
the moley guy had turned to a mature man without the mole..hahaha

the whole thing ended around 11 plus and left with only 4 of us plus a stranger man.hahaha
cleaned up and started our mahjong game...

Sishi's wedding favour came in real handy..hahah
was dead beat and we all went to bed before 3am.
woke up early morning to check out.
why do their check out time have to be as early as10.30?

after the check out, we headed to downtown east for breakfast and throughout the way, we saw the ntuc trolley and struck bt's mind to fit everything in and use it for the journey to downtown east.

simply auntie's act. hahahah but it did helped to make us feel less tired

We ended the morning with bk's breakfast
First time having it and it was surprisingly yummY!

loved gatherings like this :)
Happy birthday to the twins!

Monday, July 4, 2011

time after time

Every morning i will look towards our new home which is just opposite our current place
mixed feelings with excitement and stress

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sishi and weeliang's wedding day

backdated post due to busy busy schedules
Too happening for the month of June~

Before the wedding day, we actually met up with the bride for some huge gossips..

Yeap we were all excited for the day~

Bb is kind enough to send me to the airport as he got also a wedding to attend at town :)
He helped me a little with my hairstyling before we went out
loved my fixed fringe

i was the first to reach t3 and went to grab some tibits while waiting for shernie they all to reach.
was empty stomach and feeling so restless.
Some chocolate did helped :)

Full attendance reached and we headed to sishi's suite to see if they needed any help.
ended that xn is the one who needed some last minute make up help..
She didn't want to do any heavy makeup,no lashes , just base and eyeliner..

i helped her to cover her real bad panda eyes (you need more sleep,nie) and mild eye liner to make her look for energetic

This was taken before any make up on
(the one on left in case you are wondering,lol)

started with makeup war

okay i have to admit that my hands are born to tremble easily.
i didn't understand either
same goes to nail painting or phototaking

Neverthless, we did it.
Mild makeup for nie
i should have brought the blades to trim her eyebrows, lol!

Done with her make-up and before we head down to the cocktail reception, we did a little help out with the party poppers.

Then pictures time!!

reached cocktail reception and pictures time AGAIN!

i'm helping to cover shernie's arm haha

Then the bride and groom arrived at the reception
that means, pictures time AGAIN AGAIN!!

 lovely couple

very very happy for her :))))))

We then settled down at our table and everyone started eyeing at the wedding favors.
shernie DID IT!
she did it!!!!!
she couldnt stop it and kept 2 wedding favor for herself.

She thought there were only 9 on our table so she kept 2 for herself.
But when the mysterious one arrived, she handed out one of it to the guy.

We were all giggling to ourselves

Started cam whoring again!
 i think our table damn noisy, too excited i think..hahah

Every part of the wedding was great, march-in, montage,video and the bride/groom's speech was heartwarming.
Me and shernie holded back tears.
or did we drank too much red-wine and being emotional?
But i have a very high crying point.
Han bao is my nickname

We thought we were the loudest in the cheering part but we lost!
My first time in cheering so loudly at wedding, i swear.

Then it was the phototaking time
 nie simply grabbed sishi's gown, sarong ah? haha

we really enjoyed the night but i think me and nie drank too much of the red wine, she should be the wine controller but.....
i think we drank about 1bottle plus each.oops

and i must say the dessert was AWESOME!

and nie had 2!
got evidence one

we stayed till the very last few to congrats the family with blessings.

Nie's feet were dying by then

we sat by the lobby to wait for b to fetch me.
thanks for the company:)

sincere blessing to the couple and hope the 3 year reach soon k sishi.
you can do it!