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Monday, October 22, 2012

Quarter of my life, part II

Met my girls for birthday dinner at Rendezvous Hotel
Been wanting to go there for dinner ever since the last photoshoot i had done there.

The cafe is really pretty,cosy and good for gatherings!
cause i knew we always have never ending topics to talk about
so Fullhouse it is!

Address:9 Bras Basah Road#01-04 & #02-02/3
Rendezvous Gallery 
Singapore 189559

i brought d90 with me hence the nicely taken photos(self-claimed lol)

we were all famished but they have to wait while i take photos of all dishes haha

 Our verdicts for the food that was good : Alfredo spaghetti , potatoes wedges, wasabi fish &chips, lavender flower tea and the papaya milk shake was good too!
3/5 for the food and services
 My lovely birthday cake! They heard raves about this strawberry shortcake which was really not bad!
Thank you girls!
 The lavender flower tea which was refillable:)

Before we go, of course, portrait time!

Thank you for the presence everyone, with the tight schedules from work-school and weddings, thank you for making time for the dinner!

you girls rock my life!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Quarter of my life day, Part I

Oh my gawd!
16th Oct embarked my quarter of my life!
No achievements yet but still fighting hard

Anyhow, the day was still special when you know it's your birthday
woke up receiving lotsa wishes!
woke up happy upon receiving from all types of social media
whats app messages, facebook messages, instagram and twitter!

dressed up!

Birthday OTD
dress from HS(from cny collection) -sold out piece
paired with a favourite piece of necklace:)

reached office and saw a cake box on the table!
i was touched by leeean's friend whom went back to bake the cake for me when it was her off day.
shes one of the pastry chef of bengawan solo by the way!

they knew i'm a dog lover and designed the cake of a dog which resembled ahgirl
never had such cute cake design before!

 the expression of when the photographer ' eh you camera cannot click'
ok proper one

leeean who went all the way to collect the cake:)

thank you thank you for all the love!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pre birthday celebration with my love

Just like any other work day
 pre bday otd
my outfit looks like an overall :)

bb arranged a birthday dinner after work

we went to 'BIGBANG' for dinner!
we totally loved the name
the love for TOP & GD haha
 Korean bbq!

 unglam shots from him
could you tell that hes a bad photographer from these photos?

the food was so-so only
our critique was ' not worth the price'

went back home and bb got me my favourite mango cake!
happy like a bird

 he sang me a birthday song with some dance haha!
hes active like that at times

i was enjoying my yummmmmmehh mango cake
and i think brownie was giving me his wishes too!
or the cake that he's looking at?

 but i am so sure that ah girl wasn't wishing me and just aiming my cake!
 the tam chiak face that couldn't hide it!

thats the end of my birthday
it was simple
but nothing really matters as long as i have my hubby around♥♥♥♥♥♥

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simple dinner

He strongly insisted that i must cook dinner for him when i called and told him to take away dinner for me.
Even when i told him there is no ingredients left at home and he insisted that i can just cook eggs or whatever will do.

Anyhow, i managed to whip up simple dishes from whatever that is left in the fridge

from left to right
Egg soup, seaweed chicken, sesame oil chicken, crabmeat egg

Hes simple like that
and im glad that ive made him happy:)

Monday, October 8, 2012


We had the shoot on Sunday noon.
Thank god for the awesome weather, no scorching sun , phew!

Initially i wanted to bring one of our furkid to the shoot but i was too afraid that the one will bark and cry at home for too long so i didnt:(

ok the shoot was done under my block, i loved the garden cause it was quiet, clean and new!

one last iphone shot before we wrapped up

and it was a wrap!
too happy! 

happy girls after shoot
pardon with my cui face haha

after the shoot, we walked over to Drips Bakery Cafe for some well deserved desserts!
walking distance from my place, super awesome!

ivy was raving about their fruit tarts but i'm not really a fruit person, so i chose the cinnamon egg tart!

Drips Bakery Café

82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, S(160082) 
filtered out my favourites from the shoot

Lookbook is up on HS facebook now
Here are some of my favourite picks

Today's otd : Faylinn bustier top

pardon for the messy office=x

Yayyyy the launch is tomorrowwww!!!
don't miss the time! Its at 1pm!