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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How did i welcome the year 2011?

If you are a gf or even a wifey already, do you feel the same as me?
Feels weird or rather lonely to go out with your partner's families without him?

Am i the only one?

So, bb's families asked me to join them for a short getaway at Kukup island during the last day of 2010.

I mean if bb is joining, i would say Yes right away.
But bb gotta work due to short of hands in the salon :(

I agreed, eventually.
Rejected them few times already, they must have sensed something odd with me.
Daughter in laws now liao lehh...

Woke up as early as 6am, earlier than to work..
Boarded the mini van to Kukup at 7am and there we go~~

Mother in law told us that the trip is $80 per person, including round trip from Sg-kk.
The exaggerating parts came in.

" 2 day 1 night in Kukup, include 7 meals '
How can one eat so many meals in a day??


We had breakfast before the long journey in Msia(with own pocket money), reached Kukup Island early noon.

The place is really kampong.
Literally lakeside kampong.
Looking scary right~~

Haha, lucky we had our ' HOLIDAY RESORT ' sounds so nice, but its just bungalow chalet bah.
Every resort is actually owned by families, its like renting us for a day~

So we settled down, in a still not bad chalet, together with mother-in-law's friends.A total of 20 plus people staying all in the place, seperated in 3 rooms.
So 9 of us in a room......

Ting started her flying in the room..

Then after only awhile, the owner of the place was calling for us to have lunch already~ haha!

 Home-cooked lunch ( 10dish i think)

After the filling lunch, we decided to head out to have a walk around the island.

Hearing bits about fish farm so off we go!
The boat ride

 They playing Titanic

Merely 10mins ride to the fish farm~

 Da sao

That farm guy forced me to take!
It's moving, its moving!

Ting is not afraid of anything!

After we have visited the fish farm, we headed to nearest shopping mall for a walk.
Nearest = 45 mins car ride

Their shopping mall is worst than batam's ones i think.
Only 2 levels and the best shop for me was only WATSON!

Kids had fun shopping for new toys~

Then we are back to our 'HOME' , for wash up and some had their hi-tea with home made prawn crackers n etc...

They were playing cards in the room
 but it was ting's napping time

so she's like ' NI MEN HEN CHAO LEH, WO YAO SIU JIAO '



It's beeteng!!
Familiar faces at unfamiliar place!

I called her and she came over to my 'place' and chit chat for awhile, enjoying the sunset together.
How nice!

 Beeteng's place!
A combination of 2, envy!
 Beautiful sunset
The night was specially peaceful with the nice sunset

W were both waiting for our dinner served, so i asked her ' what are you having for dinner later ?'
Me : ME TOO!
It actually happens to all the resorts.


I really have to admit, it was the BEST BBQ I EVER HAD!
Cause it was served by the owner, they peng, we eat only!
No smelling awful and oily face!

The chicken wings, omg , like damn nice only!

Everything hot and sizzling served!

The best meal of the day!
Look at all satisfied tumnmy

Come to think of it, im really hungry right now!

The bad thing over the dinner was they cleared those plates by flipping all rubbish to the river.
Like no govt
I think they dun have one.


I dun wan to care much...
So after dinner, we went on to put on some firecrackers for the brand new year~~

And also the ' gong ming deng ' dunno whats that called.. haha
See pictues below!

 We bought like 9 lantern but we only managed to make 2 to the air.
one was mine :)
Hope god heard my prayers.

Then i went over to Bt's place for some serious fireworks!
Its not by the govt, its put up by us people in Kukup.

They allowed there!
 I spent my first minute of 2011 with bt!

Some serious firework went off that night!
Very happening 2011 indeed..

I called off the night before 1am and headed back to get some sleep.

It was really a beautiful night while i was missing bb, wished he were there with me to watch those fireworks together.


Woke up like 7 plus in the morning, everyone in the family seemed to wake up early in the morning.
I was still struggling with sleeping god.

Dragged myself outta bed, wash up and had breakfast served by the owner again.
Nothing much to do in the mornings so we ended up slacking the room, i tried to get some sleep again! haaa..

Lunch again.


Last meal already, the owner arranged us to have lunch at one of the restuarant there.
Seafood again!

I waved goodbye to bt at the same restuarant, as she was having lunch there too.. haha!

My overall experience of Kukup was okay, though dirty, kampong but their food is really nice!
I can say that we pay $80 to have good food there!

I dun mind paying $80 for seafood there again :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chao ah lian

We were supposed to meet up for birthdays and christmas.
But both didn't happened.

Ended up we met up because she bought clothes from Hanasecret and i went over to pass her clothes and have a simple dinner together. hahah

She said dinner on her as my bday present even though my bday passed like 4 months already. haha..

So we settled with Sushi Tei at Taka.
HL was craving for sashimi.
I'm not really a sashimi person but i still eat them though..

Wanna go back to Riverview hotel for yummy jap cuisine again!!
kk, back..

 the chao ah lian , hahah

The yummy sashimi and fav chawanmushi.
taste is more like it, unlike the sushi kind at CS..

 That girl can really eat alot of wasabi

Patiently waiting for food.


It was really a nice and short catching up session :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Dinner with bb

Overdue post!

Bb had planned a little christmas dine out of a boring Monday, so that there wouldn't be Monday blue during work.

He was so secretive upon bringing me to the dining place.
Haha, cute boy.

Okay the place was Bali villa, which was located at somewhere damn wu lu, must drive in kind of place, near buona vista.

The atmosphere was great except for the music. hahah, they were playing like pirated CDs.

Okay pictures time

 Must end with my face, cause its a sin to eat so much... hahah!

The tomyum soup is really good!!!
Thumbs up!

I love the food, the ambience and of course i love u too bb :)
Thank you for the lovely dinner.