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Saturday, April 26, 2014

New year hairdo

Will get to have a new hairdo for lunar new year every year :)
Thankful that my hubby arranged some time off for me 

i didn't went empty handed, i made some ham and egg cups for them
bb requested for more because 1 isn't enough for him hahah

super love to steam my hair hahah

my hubby's survival kit

 with his name on the expensive scissors

i decided to go purple and tried on ombre
i loved it so much!

Artica hair studio
book your appointment 68362891

Friday, April 25, 2014

Elementz design studio/Artica hair studio lunar new year company dinner

His speech made me teared because i thought about how hard he had been through.
I'm so glad that you've made it!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

First day of 2014

Was really glad that my hubby gets off day on a public holiday, he doesn't off on PH and for this day they decided to have a day off :)

After living at our love nest for 2 years, i never had the chance of going down for brunch with him before because the time wasn't right.

So we decided to walk down sloppily with our t shirt and slipper and went to a cafe nearby, we lived near yong siak street btw .. The street of cafes that is always overcrowded on the weekend.

We had brunch over at FLOCK cafe
we met a pug that doesn't want to walk anymore and the owner just had to drag him away hahahah
too cute!

I loved the sun,the company and the food :)

  • 78 Moh Guan Terrace, #01-25
  • Singapore, Singapore 162078

we then went on double date to the night safari
seriously i had never been to night safari for my 26 years of my life but its not exciting as i thought
its only the night version of zoo :(

i enjoyed the company though :)

I'm so glad that we spent quality time of the first day of 2014 together 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Christmas party in the office

Very backdated i know=x

Another Christmas party with the nicest people:)


Friday, April 11, 2014

Happiest Christmas home party 2013

We tried to make arrangement for Christmas party yearly, year 2013 we had it at jiayi's new nest.


food was awesome! especially bbq golden mushroom, yums!

we then had gift exchange

Then we played games!
Can you imagine we down ed one bottle of red wine within 15mins
i think we did not even taste red wine and just gobbled down every time hahaha

we had red wine, beer, vodka(nightmare) that i brought over and emptied it.
all within maybe ard 2 hours?
fyi, the pregger jiayi did not had any alcohol but her husband downed for her..
hahaha poor CL just had to replace her drinking part =x

jess & xia had to stand during the game and they looked so tensed cause they did not want to lose the game hahahah

half dead here in the photo
also to promote jiayi's wedding photo hahah

but i dunno about them cause i had been the one who kept asking them to drink hahaha

i love Christmas!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christmas eve at Kukup

we put on our own firework at 12midnight which was awesome!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The 3 ''S" JB road trip

I'm really grateful that Shuting came back all the way from Perth for our wedding and also being my bridesmaid. So love!

So we planned a JB road trip before she left back for Perth again .
Wondered if she will be coming back for good :(

We met early morning to have BKT as breakfast
the ma you chicken really 感人
i love it very much hahahah!

Then we went for some shopping and manicure & pedicure time!
The manicurist had a hard time removing my bridal nail art. Junying done a very nice job and everything was still intact.

This ahxia so sweet one, she made us christmas gift! HANDMADE with love :)
with our signature ''S'" inside the bottle
soo cute..

After pampering our nails we went for a short walk then we had KFC for high tea lol!
this curry fishball damn nice also! i miss it very much needa go get this craving satisfied sooN!

After high tea, it was body massage time!
LIFE OF TAIs TAIs (We wished!)
we called the massage parlor place to pick us up from KSL to their parlor (FREE)

Simply love this place!
The exterior looks like this

we were directed to VIP room after we decided to have 3 hour spa time!
1 hr body scrub, 1 hr aromatherapy massage, 1/2 sauna,1/2 jacuzzi (they actually allowed us to stay longer for the sauna and jacuzzi but we didn't) 

Totally loving the jacuzzi! super shioK!

We then bathe and all refreshed and their driver sent us to city square and we decided to have hotpot for dinner

the whole day was about eat,shop,enjoy and massage then back to eat
how i wish we could do this often together :)

so love our new clothes for our phone =x

i miss the 3 ''s'' gatherings!