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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The most blissful moment of my life

5.30pm, most guest arrived.
As well as Mr Phang, our JP.
We did not run through the sequence, too rush for it.

My phang arrived early, however, didn't know where he went to... 
The overall impression of him was normal( he remember to mention 'you may kiss the bride' , haha!)

Other than him arriving early but appearing nowhere and leaving as soon as the solemnization over after the 1st picture was taken with both our parents, the solemnization went well.
All thanks to bee's brother who brighten up the ambience a little with his jokes :)

Okay some ambience photos first!

 Okay let's start now!!

Us, getting ready at the aisle.
 The moment to be remembered for life

Waiting to say ' i do, i do '
 Exchanging vows~trembling trembling..haha!

'you may kiss the bride' time, everyone is smiling happily~ Hee :) even tingting understands.

 Solemnization ends :) The only picture with Mr phang.. haha

 With my family ~~ I know, they are all big size.. Maybe i'll become like them when i hit 30. haha

 With bee's family, also my family now.. :)

Heh, and she got it!!
She is definitely the next to be off the shelf!!

Bee's turn!!!!
 See those aggressive guys!!!! haha!

yeah~~everything went smoothly. thank god!
Good weather, JP arrived on time, guests arrived on time, most enjoying the food & desserts :)


Yeap, other than the good caterer, the next best part of the day was the cupcakes!!!!
Freshly baked & sponsored by my friend, peiru~
So many of them were complimenting away about how nice the cupcakes were...

Just see and you'll know...

You may make bakery order with peiru : Check out her website
You will not regret!!!


Let me just end the post with my favourite picture on hand!!
Bill has got better quality pictures :) waiting patiently~~

Love is beautiful~

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