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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Counting down

From nothing to something @Jem

Every tenant thought Jem was going to open on the 11th of June so everyone went down to display and get ready for opening the next day.

We are one of them,i went down to help out on the displaying,cleaning & arranging the stocks

 superb long queue at passenger lifts! Got so irritated to wait for the lifts to come at 15mins interval -_-
 at mess state

we rushed and tidy up till almost 12am and gotten the 'JEM is not opening tomorrow' news and we were all like "WTH" 
i guess everyone felt 'f' up seriously

but phew, finally everything is operating good now:)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wedding gowns that i love

My prefer cut of a wedding gown would be high neck with lace/crystal details
Hopefully by the time of selecting AD gowns fables will have new and beautiful gowns for me to choose from

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Selecting photos

It was our day of selecting photos at Fables on a sunny sunday.
I actually prefer to go in alone (2 of us) but the family went in together once again as they wanted shopping
As i was thinking, too many people too many opinions

We parked our car at the bridal studio and went for lunch first, they are so nice to reserve a parking lot for us once again:)

We went to Teck Sing Restaurant
somewhere near fables

I LOVED all the dishes especially their signature dish(paper wrapped kampong herbal chicken)
and the bill only came at RM90+ 

i always thought these dishes are meant for dinner but we had it!
will go back again if we are going there:)

Back to the studio
we had 149 photos to pick from, we are able to select 40 photos out of them all as we changed our package here & there and gotten more photos for album

as i mentioned, 5 ppl 5 different opinion *headache
but luckily the 3 fell asleep awhile later lol!
mil,sil & sis

then me & bb started choosing carefully for our photos
i recalled thatday i felt so terrible but luckily the photos turned out still fine:)
i quite like them cause they got the feel we wanted as many ppl know that we are the two who can't smile haha!

sis secretly snapped the album shhs

took about an hour plus to pick the 40 photos
next appointment would be looking at the after edited photos and choosing layout i think which is on August already

can't wait=x

headed for some shopping
bought couple case haha

we then headed for dinner at ah piao once again
bb addicted to their wanton mee haha

i tried their abalone mee this time

i'm still in love with the abalone mushroom lok lok

diet plan fail once again haha!

this trip made us jammed for 3 hours plus to get home

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tony Roma's

Got a treat at Tony Roma's
I have never heard of this restaurant before but their ribs are really awesome man!

So tender for my liking hee

Not only their ribs, i think their side dishes taste heavenly too
especially to potato addict like me

I'm sorry that we got too eager to swallow the full ribs and forgotten to snap the pic
but the below photo can tell that its really awesome

maybe we will go back again:)

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-123
Suntec City Mall, Tower 5

Monday, June 17, 2013


He love to eat simple meals like that
but will have to depend on my mood hahaha!

Curry, stir fry egg, yong tau fu soup and wantons

 Banana after meal to boost immunity
 ' can i have a bite too please mummy' face

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Make up photoshoot

I promised my colleague that i can be her model for her makeup course exam.
I wasn't very sure because my complexion ain't anywhere good but she has no issue with it :)

Camera out to play again!

She has to complete 2 looks that day, 1 bridal and 1 stage makeup for submission of photos
i opted for the stage makeup cause i think i will look like unhappy bride without smiling on photos haha! 

Please be prepared for my photos because i looked scary!

The bride

Theme of catwoman

i could not even recognize myself on the mirror
and the backcombing was horrible hahaha

We then went outdoor for shoot
the look was okay for me but too much glaring & staring out there haha

my colleague wanted me to do the shoot, just imagine me in black gown squatting down taking photos

i shamelessly came up with some poses for my colleague to shoot lol
was lucky that i came back from the pre wedding photoshoot with some 'easy to look good' posture that the photographer taught me, if not i think i will end up in weird posture.

She is the one behind with the makeup tools

Friday, June 7, 2013

Diet or diet with exercise

i think i prefer diet hahaha

Monday, June 3, 2013