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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of come cooking and baking

Bt's sis attempted in making some sushi and we all helped out abit

 i would say we did a not bad job!
presentation was good too hahah

then we tried to make some cake pops!
waiting time was long but we kept ourselves occupied with chit chattings

it looked really pretty
but we shouldn't have freeze it again after coating

loved doing these with friends:)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The wait is over

YAY he is back!

Furkids misses their papa as much as i do

he bought more stuffs for me & the furkids than what he bought for himself
but his tux is gorgeous :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Invitation cards

Working on our invitation cards
Not getting the cards provided from the hotel and changed it to other perks

Maybe a little higher cost than usual printing that the hotel could provide us with
but at least its the one and only one in the world

the drafting

illustrate everything from scrap and im loving it

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Johor Bahru trip

Mr & mrs leong initiated to tour guide us for JB tour
So thankful cause they woke up early for this trip

we had this yummy bak kut teh for the very first time, been to JB for tons of times but never had a chance to have it

i love it!

 the seaseme oil chicken was DA BOOM

opposite KSL shopping mall

yumm yumm yummm

The reason why we were there

Monday, March 11, 2013

i miss my husband

Omg its finally Monday evening.
I can't wait to see my husband later

He went BKK to have his tuxedo tailor made for 4days3night which is like forever for me :(

he told me he can't wait to be back too

its weird though cause we see each other everyday and never get sick of each other hahahah

nevertheless, few more hours to see him

pops champagne!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Reunion dinner with my ladies

Met up with my ladies(no more girls)25th this year for reunion dinner on the last day of CNY

 main event
lao yu sheng

 we had special guest that night

 training to be mum

 cassandra doing ' shang nao jing ' hahaha

we had no plans for the night and we just sat at starbucks without ordering anything for an hour thinking where should we go.NO LIFE hahaha

we then walked from douby ghaut to bugis
*thinking back,how did we made it so far haha

the dessert that worth the distance
but actually i still prefer the green tea one

the night didn't end there, we then headed for supper
prata and teh tarik
forever chit chatting non stop
that is why i love them

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nasi lemak

One of my favourite local food
i love random attempts

The main lead of the dish
Coconut rice

-simply replace water with coconut milk
-add pandan leaves(knot) for extra fragrance

next up
the proceduers abit hectic due to deep frying
but i loved the end result of the crispness of the wings:)
-mix beaten eggs, flour and half can beer
-coat wings with flour then dip into the batter
-deep fry till golden brown

stir fry eggs and luncheon meat and ta daaaaaaa!

 ok, without mil's chilli i think the nasi lemak wouldn't be perfect.
yay to happy meals

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Special Valentine's day dinner

Instead of spending the money over at a restuarant with an EXPENSIVE couple's set meal, we whipped up Vday dinner together:)

It made the meal more meaningful cause we made it together
went for groceries together got all the ingredients

We had japanese food!
Our favourite sukiyaki and some side dishes
breaded scallop and failed tempura(the size) cause there were no tiger prawns that day haha

i showed him the video of tamago receipe and he is own his own on this

 first attempt and it tasted good!
maybe we should add more mirin and sugar next time :)

Our yummeh dinner
pork shabu shabu sukiyako

i then baked his favourite lava cake, i know maybe you've seen this all over again & again but yeap its his favourite :)

 he inserted the spoon right away
i said ' no no no no  no , must take picture first '

i love the way we are though we scream at each other like crazy all the time :)