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Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is the funniest video. I loved it to the max. Remember to turn on ur voloume and prepare to get shock. Notice the mummy panda's expression. wahahahaha. it brightens my day everytime i watch it. waha

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

school no fun

practically, i have tons of work to do for Major Project and i have yet to do much of it. it seemed scary to me but im just slacking and slacking. The morning class is a total torture, have to wake up early in the morning and sit in class to surf net instead, its just for the sake of the stupid attendance. uurgh

ok,enough of whining, i should be happy that i left less than 2 months time to graduate.

I should really plan my time well, for both work& PLAY!

New year coming and ive yet to buy any new clothes. how sad."(
and im even working on new year's eve. double sadness.

just get my nails done and lets celebrate new year without any stress around.


timbre fun!

i fell in love with Timbre at the visit of only ONCE.

Goodfellas are AWESOME, totally!

Their voice, the band and the humour.

im going back again, and thats for sure. ")
The first visit to timbre with the girls, jeanna&nana

the pizza is yummy! im gonna have 2 the next time round. slurp*


sorry about the bad captures, my phone isnt that good during the night.

timbre is a nice place to just sit,relax and listening to music while muching away.whee!

Monday, January 12, 2009


been lazy to update blogie these days.heh.
anyway just had a haircut(trim only) few days back. hoping it grow back fast cause i want long long hair. :)

Can you spot the pocuppine?

First day of CDS. both of us cant lift up our eyelids at the garden. yawnss..

Early day off from school, stayed in school awhile after class to catch the open house fashion show 09'. i still ours was better though.

just a random thought of cooking bb a dinner. so taa daa... i loved my salted veggie soup. hmmm.. i must* praise myself for that. haha

alright, good night now..")

Thursday, January 8, 2009


my youngest aunt just came to our house and she told us her daughter is gettin married in august. wooo, shes like 22 this year. happy for them.")

although you always mention about marriage ahead ,but i was thinking, are you really ready to take care of me for the rest of my life? now we are staying apart, but u wont appear when i needed you here. ive commit myself to stay over for 4-5 days per week despite my family's disagreement. when im like asking for only a day or maybe a few hours of company when im feeling ill, all you've said is " i gotta work". i understand that,totally but cant u make a trip here after your work? when you told me today you have no much appointment, and you feel like going to the tattoo convention, im like so, u could make time to the tattoo convention but not making your time here to visit me?or maybe you are just feeling tired or lazy over the journey?

despite after ive mention all these to you in a nice way, you replied me that you are not going anywhere!

moomoo needs somebody whos willing to care for me. please do not say " did i never care for you"

i would say yes, but minimal.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


im moodless for fyp.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


hes always angry when hes hungry plus the slow catering sevices people provides.

thats what he persist


as for me..

early in the morning, he talks/disturbs me, pleaded me to iron his clothes for his work, and so,while ironing...


SLEEPY GIRL is an ANGRY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he laughs.

2009 Resolutions

!!!!!!!! = highly importance
-complete my ffucking course by end of march09' (i wished i would not retain, hiak) !!!!!!!!!!
-get lost from Temasek Polytechnic !!!!!
-make-up cert from cosmoprof
-driving license !!!
-touch up tattoo
-fill up our piggy banks with $1 coins
-to have a stable job which im passionate about( im yet to figure that)
-do well in my designing career !!!!!!!
-revive my ahbee back to his smell
-repay all debts
-saving plans for our new home
-stress free living!!!!!!! (i know its impossible "( )
-to have a pretty face, teeths and body, woooooottttttt !!!!!
can it all happens?
please 2009!!!!
grant my wishes.