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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our 'SAVE THE DATE' video

Special thanks to ben & andrew who went to malaysia with us during our pre-wedding shoot for this behind the scene video :)

That day was memorable and we know the editing was tedious!
thank you guys!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Betrothal gift exchange

Betrothal Gift Exchange
Guo Da Li, 过大礼
Betrothal Gift Exchange is the day where the groom (with his matchmaker/or friends) delivers the betrothal gifts to the bride’s family.  With the receiving and exchange of gifts, it means that the family is always keeping in touch (i.e. 有来有往)

Because of this one day, had a hard time during the preparations. The coordinating of both parent's requested items was really a big headache ...
I helped out bb with the packing of the items weeks before the day and it was relieving to see him doing the preparations hahah
the box/basket comprises of pork leg cans, mandarin oranges, phoenix candle and traditional biscuits

Betrothal gift exchange day!!
I went back home for sleep over as it was supposed to be and i was exploring/packing my room that night and come to realize i went crazy over ''énergy'' during sec sch times that i wrote down their names on my bed frame hahah

woke up early on the day (stressing over the items) lol
bb came over with dasao & sis

everything went on smoothly over the lunch and prepared individual cakes to give out to relatives.
First half of the day was filled with happiness & emotional feelings from my relatives
i tear easily and they just had to make me cry with them when they mentioned about my mum.............
but i know they all cared for me:)
My man of the day (did the driving,carrying the stuffs the whole day with a smiley face)

After distributing the cakes to some of my relatives, we went for wine tasting

it was a long long day..
we then went to Ben's place to see their editing of the ''save the date "video till almost 3am..

shall post the video in the next post

Monday, December 23, 2013

Golden mile mookata

it's hard to go on diet

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm overly obsessed with polkadots

I do not know why but it just did
polkadot will just catch my attention easily

For our wedding, most of the DIY-ed stuffs are polkadots , haha! 

our customized ang baos

Individual box for my bridesmaid's dress n gift:)

ang bao box over at the reception table

 i bought extra polkadot dress for myself for our photoshoot

even ah girl  has to go with my liking hahaha

polkadot photo frame 

the super love polkadot theme dessert table during the wedding done my ah xia :)

Brothers and jiemeis in polkadot wahahahah

i;m sorry i cant help it hahahaha

Friday, December 20, 2013


海底火锅 HaiDiLao Hot Pot

A random dinner date with curry and lian.
After some research, we decided to give haidilao a try after we hear so much raves over it and curry had a mindset, ok try once and for all.

The waiting time took us almost 2hr.............
and we happily waited with snack platter and board games

 They had snack bar, manicure room, playroom for kids (AMAZED)
 the crazy crowd
they actually don't do reservation, just queue numbers before you reach which i think quite pointless cause you still have to wait for 1-2hours . The best timing to go would be 9 plus to 10 if you do not want to wait

our leisure 

Then finally went in with a table:)
Ipad menu, serve you rubber band to tie your hair, plastic wraps for your phone in case you drop into the soup base hahah! need to have so good service or not!

 we ordered yuan yang, mushroom and seafood base

i have to say, their variety of meat is indeed very 感动. hahahaha!
food range really worth the price!
Just that we are very worried to over order so we are in the half portion range...
Total bill came $120 for 3 pax ($40 each) which i think is quite ex for steamboat but its all worth it!!!!!!!!

海底捞火锅 HaiDiLao Hot Pot
Address: 3D River Valley Road, #02-02 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179023
Contact: +65 6337 8626 / 6337 8627
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 3am Daily

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bridesmaid's meeting

It's hard to arrange meeting with everybody due to everyone's busy schedule.
Glad that we did and we met at a very familiar and old school place(woodland centre) hahaha.

To start off, we had mee hoon kuay (whahahahah) i'm sorry but i seldom had chance to go there to have it so oops i did it again.

Before this meeting, i searched high and low for the bridesmaid dress. I wanted a polkadot theme(retro) kind of feel.. When you starting looking for something, it only appear when you are not looking for it... Thats what happened!

Nevertheless,i'm glad that i found the perfect dress that fits everyone:)
So, my idea was to boost their energy/mood/excitement and wanted to thank them for their help over the wedding day so i DIYed the vitamin water for each and everyone of them

 bought red ribbon hairclip for them too:)
 super heavy!
 looks like christmas gift exchange time hahaha!

the power boost!

 special guest in the house
valerie choo
she needs some power boost too haha

 My bridesmaid entourage 
 plus shuting coming back from perth!

my hubby got jealous and requested me to do one collage for them as well hahaha! And the photo ended up like below:

gatecrash got heated up even before the day haha!
but i couldn't be any more grateful for everybody's help :)