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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fables bridal couture review

We have signed our bridal package with Fables Bridal Couture
I have been looking out for bridal shops for a month or two and more or less we have already decided of which bridal shop to go to.

Bb's friend took their package last year and he was raving about their services and he drove us in. 
Our sales coordinator ,Alice is very friendly and sales orientated towards us
After looking through their albums and packages, we actually could pay the deposit right away but bb's friend encouraged us to go over to opposite bridal shop to have a look and we went.

The two bridal shop have different concept, the other one was very classy, clean cut style and their indoor set ups are quite impressive, they have 13 different types of set up btw.

But we are more into with fables's concept(vintage,fun) which is what we are looking for and moreover we loved alice's service more than Venus.

credit to fables

The package that we took are quite standard i think but we forgo quite abit of perks like groom's coat ,bridal car decorations, photo print-outs for invitation card, photo banner and table tops in exchange with more poses

Photoshoot gowns :3-4
AD gowns : 3 inclusive of kua

which i think was quite reasonable for me

Both fitting and photoshoot is on coming May
hopefully i can find my desired gowns and most importantly i have to go on serious diet which never really happen since months ago

le sigh

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