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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its the last day of 2011 !!!!

omg, i really cannot believe that 2011 has ended.
time has been ticking at such high speed!

Nevertheless, 2011 has been great
with bb, great friends and loves

My summary of 2011

I spent my first minute of 2011 with bee b at kukup
it feels like months ago but nope, exact a year ago!

then my dear ah ting went to perth for further studies(phew shes back for holiday this december)

Me & my girls went oversea for the first time ever(its JB though)but its so hard to gather 5 of us together

bb tattoo-ed my portrait

we travelled to bintan & genting for the very first time

bb had his first birthday chalet

i dyed my whole head super RED for the first time!

my best colleague got hitched

i hurt my toe during badminton session and resulted chipped toe nail for the first time

our first anniversary with great food

we spent my birthday over at pulau ubin ( first time ever as well)

being a maid of honor for the first time ever because girlfriend got hitched and becoming a mummy really sooooon

after 3 years, we had the collection of our new home keys!
omg omg omg omg omg

coordinated a professional shoot for purpur
i did this shot :)

a nerd theme christmas party with my girls

This concluded my 2011
im hoping 2012 could be better!

I wished for better health,wealth and happiness for everyone too:)

Friday, December 30, 2011

New year resolutions

Managed to find my previous new year resolution
and i realised most of my resolution are checked!

I have a new year resolution for 2012 !
Hoped i can fulfill them all

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The morning and the night

i dont have barbie doll life

Had crazy ideas of this barbie doll shoot.
Thinking of just dolling up Jing like a doll, or just the red lipstick to do the work is exciting.

And it became a much easier job for Jing cause just 4 poses, the usual 4 view pose.

The process of being a doll

Look at the super dolly face

i joined in the fun and seriously i think i disrupted the whole photo

after barbie doll collection, we did the gadget chic shoot
the first thing i thought of was the cool iphone apps
so i printed tons of it( googled one by one )


my favourite shot

a cute shot of jing taking pictures

and my favourite piece from the collection

i kept one for myself:)

Friday, December 23, 2011

a day without eye liner

first time ever i've tried using falsie without eyeliner
feeling kinda naked
but many commented its nicer this way :))))

went on a dinner date with bb at illuma
had ramen again haa!

and had super yummy ice cream for dessert
marble slab creamery

filled with m&m chocolates & oreo cookies in the ice cream

we can really eat..

after awhile we strolled around bugis and went to get
first timer too!
the names are soo cute for all the chicken chunkies

we went back home with a bloated tummy :(


 i had been real busy with work, new home, and yay Christmas!

I really hoped 2012 can be a better one


Friday, December 9, 2011