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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rise of the planet of the apes

Yeah, after lots of review.
We finally went to catch the movie~~

very nice movie
i rate 4.5/5 popcorn for it

here's the epic of
Rise of the planet of the gorilla

Friday, August 26, 2011

ye wen

was catching ' ye wen ' on starhub channels..
a movie that i won't get sick of..





SHI GE!!!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

kid's grooming day

I got deals from streetdeal for pets grooming at $28
super great deal~~

and anti odor spa~

good or what?

so i bought 2 vouchers for ahgirl & brownie~

yeah, we brought them there on national day~
checks day

this is the place
Peticure @ telok blangah

once we brought them in, all the dogs were barking
got jack russells, poodle, schnauzers and etc..
so exciting~~

so the whole process gonna take up to 4 hours, so we went to vivo for lunch and some shopping..

haha i got 2 tank top at $9.90 each.

So we went back to Peticure after 3 hours cus we wanted to how are they doing..
girl girl finished her grooming and saw her with a very huge husky..

she kpo-ing about the husky
 then she knew we were outside and howling

then it was brownie's turn
clean clean nao~

one of the owner's friend wanted to bring the husky out for a walk and asked bb to hold the leech for awhile.
i kinda scare of huge dogs..

i stayed away

it was a fun fun day~
we ended the day with the movie 'zookeeper'

nice movie but still thought night at the museum was much nicer:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

another working place

My morning boost!
i wore my jeans to work and asked our tailor to alter my jeans tighter..
whee, she did it in merely 10mins.
i almost forgot how to use a sewing machine..
so sad :(

my nicely altered jeans

Yes, now Hanasecret is at retail store!
another workload for me =x

So i made transfer of the stocks to store, changes mannequin, made signages..

I sticked on the signage myself..
no professional though

but okay lah, contented..

my superb comfy cardigan from HS!
mad love

Come on down to support our shop at Far east plaza #01-61
another baby of HS :)

see ya

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

crab feast!!!!

come to talk about it, am craving for it now~~~

We had a crab feast at irvin( river valley )
1kg plus of crab at $50+
can be cooked in 2 flavor

so i choose my fav salted egg yolk & chilli crab~
yum yum yum

with companion of a spicy fried rice made the meal so awesome!

look how contented we are

yeah yeah yeah

i want to have them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
slurp slurp

Monday, August 22, 2011

ah ma's promise

Mother in law very cute..
She came to our place a few times and ah girl & brownie kept barking at her..

Then she said ' ni men guai, ah ma mai dong xi gei ni men chi '


and she really bought snacks from petshop the next day~

she said ' i promised to buy them snacks '

ah ma bought snacks for her grandkids..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sick cat out from home

Sick cat

It was b's brother, also my brother's renovation company opening..
Hes in this field for almost 20yrs alr i think..

Finally on his own now, away from his partners.
We were all happy~

You can lookout for them if you were planning for a renovation :)

Loved the black & red concept

the bathroom was mad chio with a chandlier , i think shit also got feel~

after the mini family gathering, we went on for jeff(b's super buddy) birthday celebrations at le le pot..
haha again i know///

the 32 yr old boy

Happy birthday to Elementz studio & jeff chow :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

interesting items

i want to share interesting items

1. chupa chupa 
bb got this lollipop holder & lollipops for his salon at $12 at ABC market~

2.interesting packing of mini pi pa gao from japan
yt gave it to me as i was coughing like mad dog :(

3. vintage snacks from bt
these snacks are rare now 

thats all folks

Friday, August 19, 2011

des is back!

Des, our fav consultant for excel worksheet is back to work.
sadly only for 3 days?
I made sandwiches for breakfast for everyone in office.
but all were happy :)

like bakery shop hor?

hectic to prepare for almost 10 of them..

so we went out for lunch as des was craving for thai food near our work place..
but full house so we ended up having spizzeria 

quite good lunch menu..
$40 for 3 pax

sadly, after this meal, i fell sick!
i had weird dry throat after the meal and the next day i had fever :(

sick for almost 4 days.
terrible x x x x

one moment ago i was still so fine and next moment i can be as sick to be bed ridden..
ok im being exaggerating..

not about the meal though, was the terrible weather :(

 can everyday be a flowery day?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

cycling night

had a rough badmintion session with yt,scott & rong on a afternoon
and the next day my whole body aches like mad dog

they were so sports active suddenly and arranged night cycling the next day..

slow cycle ride cause my legs were aching~~
but the night was awesome
windy and starry~

starry starry night........

we cycled from ecp from one end to another and continued the journey to kallang then back to ecp
much shorter than the cycling night previously like say a year ago?
from ecp to changi back & forth was crazy...

views along the cycling route
sg flyer

a night cycle can be fun at times :)