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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Favourite makeup products

Ever since i came back from seoul, 3ce has to be my favourite makeup products now

Friday, March 28, 2014

My 2013

Finally back on track
Its already March and realised that 2013 passed way too fast, must be due to the wedding!

Jan 13'' : First time doing a candy table set up for good friend's princess 1st birthday party

Second lunar new year at home and bought more goodies this time

We went to Sea Aquarium for the first time :)

My papa 60th birthday

we went to see a concert together for the first time

had a memorable pre wedding photoshoot

then i modeled for my friend's make up exam

my yearly birthday khakis :)

we had photoshoot with our furkids for the first time too

i've got another hens night party!

Then November, the customary wedding

Then went to Jb with my poly girlies for the first time, had awesome spa time

spent the christmas day under the stars with my husband over at kukup

Had another awesome and memorable christmas party over at curry's love nest

and as usual spent the new year moment together with my hubby

and 2013 has ended!
Looking back to my resolution, only the wedding banquet has been fulfilled =x wahahas!

Am looking forward for more awesomeness in 2014!

Huat ahhhhh

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The day after the Big wedding

We slept at almost 4am but i had my supper at 2am( hotel sent us our dinner after the banquet) how nice!
Since the wedding was over, who cares about diet.. hahaha!

Arranged for in-room breakfast at 10am
I have nothing more to say about the hotel because they gave us a pleasant stay and superb service!

Back to the sloppy us back home  :( 

home sweet home and he wore my bathroom slipper by accident

Too cute!

Awww, post wedding sydrome!
Ok i shall stop and thank you for reading while this diary shall be kept as lifetime memory :) 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last part of Junoserwedding (Wedding banquet)

Before i start, i would really want to thank our brothers and sisters for all the coordination.

Shuxia & shuting for the lovely dessert table set-up
Jessica,jasmine,sop,sishi and my pregger curry(back then) for juggling the guest attendance
Brothers for coordinate the menu, sitting plans and ushering.
Beeteng for following me everywhere


 First march in
My charming husband playing the first verse for me & my dad's march in
My papa is too cute, i think he got more nervous than me, pulling my gown higher and higer and his head kept looking down see if he stepped me. Just for your info, i asked him to walk down the aisle with me 1 hour before the banquet =x 

2nd march in
we forgotten my hand bouquet 

The night was ended entertaining our guests and appreciating those who came down to share our joy :)

We were dead beat but it was a fun and memorable day!
24th Nov embarked another special day in our life.

Thank you thank you and thank youuuuuuu

Sincerely from Mr & Mrs Ong