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Monday, February 28, 2011

i'm still loving my bakery story

Totally in love with my bakery store.
Everythings so pretty there.

download and be my neighbour!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine gift

We didnt celebrate at all this year.
Is it because we are now married already?

We both didnt asked anything for present.

But bb whispered suddenly in my ears ' i got something to show you'
i thought anything cranky. haha!

So it was so unusual that he was in his top at home as hes usually topless at home.

Then i saw this!

No no no, not this!


BB whispered to me ' you are the no.2 most important person in my life'

I was kidding to bb' my face is bleeding '

I was touched.
right here deeply.

Love you b!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reunion Dinner cum Valentines date

So, it was supposed to be stozz gathering date again but somehow it always ended up

Haha, this is how we downgrade.

Hoped to more downgrading cause it will be just sad.

We are planning April birthday dates to be in JB.. haha maybe it will be just SHE dates.

K, back to our reunion dinner..
Same place as usual.

Le le pot @ tiong bahru.

We had been the first customers for quite a few counts already.
Haha, waited for them to turn over the tag from 'CLOSED' to 'OPEN'
So there we were.
Its always good to be first as everything is fresh!

 Introducing some of my 'MUST HAVES" at le le pot

Beef slices! & Fried mini buns
Not all the veggies here but they were jy n bt's faves!
Fried beancurd skin and GOLDEN MUSHROOMS!
meatballs,meatballs and MEATBALLS!!!!

Yeap, having these were the best times at le le pot.

We had fun time chit chit chit chatiing together~~

Jiayi got us little valentine's gifts


We always get so so so full after steamboating..

The night is so young that we don't want to leave each other so soon that we googled for the
'cheapest ktv in singapore'


So off we went to the
'$10 family KTV at chinatown'

Its true man. We thought its just another cheating advertising methods.

Though the place was kind off wear out but its was still all good.
At least the drinks are way better than Top one.
still hate that place
 sound systems still good and songs updated
 decor still in CNY mood.
The arena were placed with CNY goodies still. haha

 The very funny part here, they served us fake sharkin soup!
Where in the hell in SG served this in KTV??

It tasted okay though. haha

The few hour ktving session was fun!

Nothing beats the time we had together..

Wo bu xiang wo bu xiang,bu xiang zhang da with my girls.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sometimes i get pissed off by my friends..
Is it that they took things for granted or they are ignorance about certain matters?

I gave them good deals, they hiam this and that.
Actually i can give others at a much higher price.
They still want to hiam.

Maybe its because they think 'friends' wouldnt mind.
If you made an appointment outside, would you change it whenever you want?

'Friends' tend to take things for granted.

When you confirm what you want already then you tell me k!
Don't waste my time because you are my friend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Korean bbq with b's friends on chu san

So we are back to black & white
no gambling for this day..

Dress from Hanasecret
CNY Day 1,2,3 and 4 outfits were all from HS. haha, once and for all..

 While waiting for bb's friends..

Wore the earring that i wore for our rom. im like only wear earring for once a year.

Finally, headed off to maxwell for korean bbq..

Everyone was complaining that the food was normal and even still felt hungry after .

Then we headed to holland v for swensen ! hahah!
So miss those days that i had swensen ice cream for 55baht :(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New year must wear red red.

Haa, it was my first year wearing bright colours for CNY.

 Cause i thought i can attract some good luck! 
But eventually it didnt bring me any luck..

Chu yi, wore blue black still won some $
Chu er wore bright pink but lose almost $50..

So sad..

never mind,play play only..
Lost liao also must show happy face :)
See bb's gay smile.. hahah
you gay i also like k :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We all love CNY don't we?


Wore new lingerie, new clothes to welcome the brand new year~

First place to go was to visit MIL & families.
Bai nian bai nian!

Whole day was gambling away~
Shagged after we reached home...

bb's families was even more scary, continued their second round at mbs till 6am.
thumbs up!

The gamble family.

Phew, lucky bb is not a gambler.
If not i will shoot a commercial of myself holding a piggy bank with a ke lian face.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY eve

Half day for our office!

Came by office nothing to do actually, just did some spring cleaning and clear some orders then go back already.

Rushed to have my hair dyed.
Bb's appointment is like damn packed till CNY eve.

So he is only able to help me with my ugly roots..


Dark red :)
My fringe is like poking my eyes like fun only..

After had my hair dyed, bb and i went back to wdl for groceries for our reunion dinner at my place..

Very last min i know but no one's free....

Dinner started at 8 when everyone were famished!

 We brought this mini bbq pot over, wise choice!
The pork was deliciiiioooouusss!

My beloved family members!

Then ah ma damn cute!

I asked her to smile at the camera, she ignored me :(

Then i thought to make fun of her, so i asked her,
" ah ma, you got teeth meh??'

Then she showed her fake teeth with a wide smile..
Thats my 92 years old ah ma...

Though you very naughty but i love you :)

And papa, ah lun and ah yang..