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Friday, April 3, 2009

poor broke kid

moomoo is such a poor kid right now.

can someone please guide her way to the right path towards the peaceful sea?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New yorker

A late monday post.

The first meal of the whole day at NYNY with bb @ 8pm. gosh was starving &drooling @ the menu. I could sense those images of chicken & wedges was waving at me yet screaming " PICK ME,PICK ME " urghhhh..However! the food wasnt really yummy though, not as expected from the temptation menu. BUT!

Chocolate icecream waffle was GOOD! Thumbs up! **must try
Pizza- BOO!
Main course- 50/50

just when we waited patiently with their slow serving

I find that the good thing about them was their FREE CANDY FLOSS for NYNY customers. hoohoo.. bb made one big&nice one.happy like a kid./ evil eyes staring @me. who cares.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a lil bit of timbre

Just a simple night out date with the girls.Was supposingly heading to timbre@substastion, however due to the scary crowd&the not preferred band we decided to head down to timbre@arthouse instead.

The journey was quite tedious though, walking through and flow the same place twice, long pace and the 1-stop away bus journey was funny.SL cant even find time to change her heels and JW couldnt find her ez card in time.phew everything was in mess&hotness in us was getting annoying just before we got arranged for a better seats there.

the journey

the chirping,gossiping,camwhoring and eye-ing @ goodfellas. heh

credits to siling for the photos.

a pretty nice day spent ")