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Sunday, August 29, 2010


seeing ah bui covered with blanket sleeping beside me makes me feel warmth :)

my favourite skincare

okay, i know my skin isn't really well to prove that they are good.
But they really are!
at least they showed improvements for me...

skincare are really troublesome, sometimes u will feel damn lazy over it.
there are too much steps to follow.
i bet they are many women out there are following more steps than this.

Every morning before make-up : sunblock is a MUST! thats what i heard, so i just follow.

step 1: apply toner ( kiehl's herbal toner )
step 2: apply moisturizer ( Hado labo hydrating lotion )
step 3 : apply emulsion ( Skin food Tea tree )
step 4 : apply blemish cream on pimples/acnes ( kiehl's blemish cream )
step 5 : roll on dark circles ( ginvera roll on ) roll away the panda eyes. haha bullshit!!! dun believe it.

These are my all time favourite!!

ma fan !!!
what to do??? we want to pretty in anyways.

Breakfast whee~~

 Bee wanted me to acc him to work and to settle some home bills but i was lazy and dun feel like going out with a lousy face.

i made him breakfast from the buys from supermarket yesterday, gosh, groceries can be so expensive these days man! sigh..

The Breakfast
Scrambled egg, chicken burger with ham,pork sausage bun, creamy chicken soup and Ice milo !
heavy breakfast.
and bee just shitted all out after 15 mins, even twit about it. haha!

i love u, u know i do.
14 more days!

qiuqiu's HTC party

its very very backdated, i know..

we rushed to qiu's htc party at UE square's Bakerzin for just a little bit.
thankful for the invite :)
the desserts was great !!!

let the pictures talk.. ( im starting to love my D70 :) )

matching suit,haha

Thanks qiu :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

The one beside me

ok, firstly.
I am stupid.
Some stupid cream made my face like FUC*

Was really damn low morale !!!!!
First day, my face was burning with fluids.
2nd day, drying up a bit with red patches.
3rd day, drying up, still with red patches.

I am really glad Bee is always there for me.
He searched high and low for the irritation cream, reached home but forgot to bring home the cream, went back to work place, never bring keys.
Went to buy another set then came home with dinner and the creams.
He was feeling agitated about his forgetfulness but he did not mention in-front of me. Instead, he cared for me about my paranoids over my face.

Bee drove me to work and fetched me for consistency days because he knew i wouldn't want to take public transport with my face like that.

I wore mask to work and everybody thought i was a freak.
Only that i am with bee that i feel comfortable.

I love you bee :)

Trial Hair&Make-up

Had my trial hairdo for the special day at

Hee, totally 100% assured with Nit's professionalism.
She did the trial hairdo for like less than 10mins??

Ta daaaaaaa!!!

Yah, i know it doesn't suit me at all.
But what the heck, i just want to be pretty on our special day as i have kept this long specially for the day to come.

Nothing much about the make-up as there were no eye-liner,no eyelash and stuffs.
Just a simply trial with base and eyeshadow..

My Bitch Friend Forever.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

looks okay?

We bought the cupcake tiers from Spotlight.
$10 for 3 tier/cupboard

Trying with peiru's pretty polkadot cups.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tell me about it.

Friends are for you to love?
for you to take advantage of?

Some, cannot strike a balance between boyfriend and friend.
i wondered why?

they just come and go. like wind.

when everything's good, no rings from you.
when quarrel with your bf, here the ringing comes.
when there is meeting/gatherings, MIA.
when broke up, ringed and ask/beg people out.
when we wanted go have fun at club, ' cannot, my bf dont like'
when broke up ' eh, don't go sing k lah, let's go club'

you say you don't have friends.
you know where they went?

let me tell you.

the dustbin in your heart.

and let me tell you.

your garbage friends are not willing to give you their heart anymore.

simply because, we are nothing.
that is what i learnt from you smile.

I'll just be your normal friend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My pastries chief

Peiru attempted in baking our cupcakes, trying out the designs and decorations.

isn't them beautiful and by looking at them, i want a mouthful.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From my favourite teacher back in sec sch

Look at his message head : congrats to my awesome mrs lian..


i'm smiling while reading this, felt so warmth :)
really missed sec sch days and missed Mr Zaki.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My party girls

7 August

They organised a bachelorette night for me.. haha..
sounds weird huh, nah, who cares about the name??

the guessing game was hilarious!
slow pok- drink
blur pok - slurp x 2
skip turn - slurp x 2
anyhow say - slurp x 2

haha, ended up i kept quiet.. act blur..
beer, vodka ribena, Bacardi breezer..

They got me this mini crown which makes me like princess .. haha. so not used to it.. but looks cute lahhhh..
Family photo
my face looked slim here. haha
playing nobody~~
my wedges killed me that night but it didn't stop my body. haha

That night was retro night before 1am, i think.
And there are some retro punks !

i mean after 1am.. haha!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boycott 933Goldenpillow

Black pepper fish fillet - Boo!
Fried rice-Boo Boo !
Bread - Boo Boo Boo !
Curry chicken - Boo Boo Boo Boo !
Beancurd with preserved egg - BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO !

Everything BOO !

Invitation cards

We chose the papers ourselves, 
i designed the card by illustrator
because i literally illustrate the flowers myself, putting them together, making them to a garden theme feel)

then i went to print at the usual printing place since poly days.
70 pieces of B5 size at $52 ( they gave me discounts because im a regular :) )

Once we reached home, BB and i started folding them, tie the ribbons..
BB is fast at tie-ing the ribbons but uglys.. hahahahah
Bee u know i love you :)

I'm not sure whether its nice lah but BB like it and we DIY everything ourselves. i think its the process that we are enjoying. Hee

 BB concentrating

 Almost done!

Done within an hour, writing names and everything :)

Next day, invitation card giving day ~

We are so proud!

But everyone is so paranoid over the dresscode.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Last night went to new dblo with the girls!
They gave me a crown for my night!
hee, so sweet.

Really had a lot of fun!
Thanks girls!!!!

Love everyone of you !

Friday, August 6, 2010

Moody Girl

Our baby girl having her period for the 2nd time..
moody moody girl...

calling her tons of time, no replies....
me: ah girl.... ah girl..... ah girl....
girl : dont disturb me... why papa haven come out from bath??

me: oei, ah girrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll
girl : what lahhhh!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chalk Board

Heh, we went to get chalk board for our party~
Quite ex though, thinking of selling it off after the party.

Really excited~~
Let's draw together!

Sunday, August 1, 2010