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Monday, July 30, 2012

Photoshoot day

working on saturday makes me quite sad but seeing the photos from the photoshoot at the end of the day makes everything worth it:)

got to prepare for the sunny weather
Matilda pink dual tone dress
wore it as a top and paired with Alice high waisted shorts :)

as usual, had consecutive shoot of 2-3hours
and end of it, we had our own photoshoot hahah

spotted a nice red vespa, in favourite colour haha

self timer fun!

just one sneak preview of next upcoming collection
denim swinging

non edited

love it!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

serene can cook

Another lazy weekend at home
(sigh, i always sounds like a lazy girl)haha

watched the ndp's helicopters passed by our place

 random thought of whipping up some dishes for hubby again

honey glazed wings
 cereal prawns
 ok my fav, baked bean with eggs :)

and all i wanted was his happy face after work:)

Of all happiness

It was brother in law's showroom opening at Punggol plaza

so bb went to the salon and had his usual hair wash and styling so i tagged along and sean did the blow dry styling for me which i totally got stunned

i always thought the curls had to be done by curler but he spent like 15-20mins to help me blow dry my hair to a superb volumnized korean bob
love love love
super pong
i like it so much that i camwhore alittle too much lol
sean is really good at styling bob hairstyle:)

dress from wanderwit

entertainer for the kids

if u're interested and sourcing for interior designing
here u go

we then spent the afternoon over at mbs
the view was awesome

simply awesome

just some otd for the weekdays
 Upcoming tomorrow :Nicola shirt

of cus apple looked much better:)

 Lydia colourblock dress

whee and not forgetting my $2 daiso bottle!
victory buy

thats all folks
Happy sunday!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Scotty's birthday

Happenings in the office

boss's birthday
so this year we ordered a customised cake for him

it's hard to think for the guys..

so we thought an expensive CAR might work!

 the carplate number came by 3rd prize of lottery last week before the day itself.
and the main point is, this was the wrong carplate number. lol

birthday man

the lovely couple

the office people
the bosses, merchandisers, packers, helpers and me*wave wave ok i looked so fat here

aftermath of the nice car
the interior filling is scotty's favourite- black forest

i should take some peektures of our super huge warehouse :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baking love

Weekend at home = nua
look at my lady boss

till the evening, i started with the usual household chores and i have to place the furkids to somewhere higher so that they wouldn't dirty the wet floor.

i was mopping the floor and brownie suddenly jumped down to the wet floor so i shouted

' Brownie, mummy zai mop ti '
and his reaction was
he jumped up to the sofa by himself again
awwww, cute ttm :)

After bb was back from work, we were nua-ing on couch again to catch running man again hahah
addictive max
then my boss suddenly told me he wanted to have cupcakes and i went to bake some for him

 ta ddaah

chocolate chip muffins

say yay to free ride to work:)
 muffins for brekkie:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

casual mid week

Wednesday is a lazy day
because totally can't wait for weekend to come

casual outfit for a lazy wednesday
love the slouchy top

close up of the draped on shoulders

 upcoming slouchy draped top on Monday :Hanasecret

and loved the upcoming metal toe cap flats from solepassion

ended my day with the furkids squeezing in our dice side table
how lovely

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Monday

I replaced my off day to Monday!
Happy off day with bb

in the messy lift, renovations still going on

i read good reviews about eggs&berries and we decided to head down and give it a try

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-37/38 Food Junction, Changi City Point

 i rate 4/5 !

went over to tm for movie and theres a taiwan food fair
look what we've got!
 Happy kid

after a walk with the furkids at the newly opened park , we went for dinner at the neighbourhood thai restuarant
 he was craving for bangkok's chinatown claypot tanghoon and there he goes

hugggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeee serving!
 look what we've done.omg how to slim down like that-_-

upcoming high waist short(comes with a belt)