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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


regarding that matter

im truly an outsider of this matter.
i have to agree to that i listen to only one-sided story
but i have no stand for anybody
cause both were my friends

one is my colleague, who is always happy-go-lucky
the other is someone whom i know outside, who is the girl-next-door for what i know.

and i could swear to god that i DID NOT spread around to everybody about that matter cause i only heard one-sided story( i repeat again, i did not spread around ) both were my friend, it bring me no good to bitch about anybody.

i felt sorry for what had happen and i think that guy should be should know what you want and make it clear to the people around. this would not end without your clarification.
Happy Christmas 2008
moomoo is a happy cow.
she recerived a Gucci bag from bb as christmas present. moolahhss..
he surprised me with my eyes closed.")

Christmas eve party @ aloha chalet with shuting's family.
had a hard time shopping for their gifts.
on the way there, bought the cute little christmas hat. love it.
i demanded him to clip on that christmas hat and SMILE. haa
Exchanging gifts time!
her fat baba! haa
Gaming time. The new game PICTIONARY in our own playing style. lol./
Its a drawing plus guessing game. so fun that we forget about time, then we discovered its already 3am. wooo..
shuxia&bb playing cheat!lol
Can you guess what is this??? i thought i was confident that bb could guess it but he didn't!!!
its Spice girls!! i emphasised on the big big boobs and mini-skirts. come to think of it, i should add in a chilli padi right beside it.. lol. anyway i got my obstacle by only drawing it with only a line. its hard you know..
Its a happy christmas to be with your loved ones.

Monday, December 22, 2008


i looked as if like some crazy bitch now.


you knows me well practically
you knows what i always eat, love,play
but how much do you know about me emtionally?

how much i wanted a sweet goodnite message after a long tired day?
how much i needed you right by my side when im feeling down?
even if you can't, by what you say could even prove that u knew.

god knows.

Friday, December 19, 2008

tattoo pub

busy bumble bee day at Far east. BB stayed at his friend tattoo pub while waiting for me. I joined him afterwards, supposingly to meet steve and people but its cancelled and we ended up drinking there.
Met his friend, loon. Hes such a cool guy, also a freelance Visual merchandiser and the boss of this tattoo pub. He did all the displays of the pub, so damn cool.
People who loved rock music will definately love that place.
what a pity that hes letting go of this pub due to the increasing of rental. Far east management shucks at that.
we chilled there from 10 plus till 2am plus. Time past by listening to our dedicated music and movies. Loon stayed on and locked the the place at 12 plus in order to be able to smoke inside. lol.

Its really a nice place to chill with your friends and loved ones.

and im so glad hes always right beside me.

The new Purpur wear outlet at Jurong Point

I went for work at the newly opened purpur wear outlet at Jurong Point. The place is like a shopping paradise with so so so many retailling outlets and the size is like bigger than Vivo city. Its just a pity with no high end retail brands there.

Our new outlet is so much nicer than other purpur outlets. With new LED lighting of the signage, automatic shutter and high ceiling, it looks so much better and convinient for us. However, its a pity with limited display areas because of some pillars. But it fact its still pretty well-done.

The thing i loved most there, the IPOD music player and the automatic shutter (as compared to Square2, the shutters there is like disaster)

With this, i could listen to my ipod songs like all day long. heh heh.

The crowds there is like never-ending. everyday is like Great Singapore Sale. I have to hesistate whether to go to the restroom because of the crowd. saddening.

Anyway, i think people would love there. So, find a time to shop at JURONG POINT!

gift shopping

BB came to fetch me after work and headed back to my place. The first time he enjoyed eating my dad's cooking. lol. we played magic cards and we watched show online till almost 3 am. thus i overslept for my doctor appointment the next day. haha.

This is my ahma who nags all day long, i captured this while shes still nagging about my childhood memories. *shes agitated. haha

BB continues with you-tubing

we headed down to Zhou's kitchen for high-tea buffet. its always cheap and nice.
i insisted him for a agitated look to look as if like my ahma.haha. i think he looks more like my ahma than me.

Gift shopping
we went to hunt for presies for his newphew and niece at TAKA. tired feet* bought some nice little dresses for them. hee.

I hope everyday could be a happy day.
2008 are ending soon and i hope for a better year ahead for everyone, including myself***

the little outing

A little outing with my girls after a stupid consultation with harvey, *pissed*, still spent money on cabbing down to school. The 3 of us except for xia took a cab down because of his sms that uses christin to lure us down. *urgh.

Nevertheless, we spent the rest of our day grumbling, shopping and eating, and i know my mouth never stops biting something. haha.

Our same old eating place
cafe cartel

the cleaniness of the place is different from night, totally! its just that u didnt realise .

did some ultra budget shopping with the girls, bought a melissa heel at like $5 bucks only. haha.*happy.

loved the day spent with the girls.

Friday, December 5, 2008

moody moody moo

moomoo is isnt feeling very good these days.
moody moody moo
shes having really bad sore throat
shes has very bad rashes "(
she have to stay in school from day to night when her friends were not around
shes overwhelmed with heavy workloads
shes not prepared for the upcoming interim critque on tuesday
she felt uneasy for seeing them sharing the same dream, the same dream car, the same dream watch and even got featured in the same magazine.

so much going on that it was so hard to breathe
and im running to you baby
and you are the only who saves me
thats why ive been missing you lately
cause you make it real for me

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A rare visitor of the school today! came in to smoke at the usual place and eat the cheap, nice malay food from our canteen. and lucky you to iniatiate to come before i graduate from the school. heh.

he came all the way to tampines to fetch me from school, waited for my consultation ends and long bus journey to have dinner. sweet like candy. loves

the whole conversation during the dinner was hilarious. im just guessing and guessing what chocolate hes talking about.

Bee1* i feel like eating the popiah shape of chocolate, theres strawberry flavour as well.

Bee2* what chocolate is that?

Bee1* its selling everywhere, and even mama shop

Bee2* i duno what chocolate is that.

Bee1* its a chocolate that you see since young!

Bee2* i still duno what chocolate is that!


Bee1 *feeling frustated* why i have to repeat 101 times for everything i say to get you understand?

Bee2* hahahaha, i still dont understand. and now i feel like eating the triangle shape chocolate now!

Bee1* what triangle shape chocolate!!

the conversation continues endlessly.

This is the popiah chocolate hes talking about.

and this doesnt look like popiah chocolate at all! can you describe as biscuit next time? we fought in 7eleven! haa

Bee1* the chocolate you are talking about is not in triangle shape! its a cone!

Bee2* i dont care, you pay for my chocolate now!


that pissed off working day

I started my day with sc's makeover skills, and for sure, its good!!! love it. helping a motionless ghost to head wire ghost.

dont believe!

refer to the picture below and u'll know. ha x 1

the place was like ghost town that day, its been bad. and so, we catch up the time by clicking!!
ha x 2

later of the shitty day, some shitty slutty ridiculous typical ahlian with some ugly dragon tattoo came in for nonsense acts. argh. stared at me like for f*** , screamed at sc, stared again,threw all the 100 clothes uve tried aside without any purchase, and walked out as if you are princess or what ! oh please, you are just a shorty with heavy boobs (well,maybe its just fake boobs) that makes you walked like some shameless who**.

forgive my cursing, im just f***ing pissed with these people. argh x 10000000

god, please get rid of these people from our earth !