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Friday, September 30, 2011

i love my husband

he knows my taste very well..
bb got me a cute pink kate spade polkadot iphone case
replica one luh
but i dun really care about the brand and i bet alot people carrying this around too like me :)

so matching with my pink screen protector

love love love
i also dunno since when i love pink stuffs :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

serene can cook again

cooked dinner during the weekend again
Curry rice with chicken katsu & tempura

-Instant curry pack
-Chicken thigh
-Instant tempura
-Bread crumbs

-boil potatoes
-fry chicken thigh cubes
-add water
-add curry instant pack
boil about 15 min and stir well

Chicken katsu
-cut chicken thigh
-dip in flour
-dip in eggs
-dip in bread crumbs
-deep fry until gold brown
-add one bowl of soya & water
-boil and put in fried chicken and add beaten eggs

Fry tempura

looks easy luh but i stayed in kitchen for about 2 hours. shagg

yum yum yum
if you realised, i love jap food :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

saddening badminton session

i got a new pretty sports shoe!!
but read the sad story later on..
bosses arranged company badminton session.
off work earlier and headed to bishan CC..

see our ' lao dang yi chuang ' delivery uncle on play

had great workout again because the sweat is like splattering everywhere..

i injured my toe nail
i very very sad
because my toe nail is now ' huey rong' already :((((((((
my toe nail having bad constipation :(

my moral of the story
my sport shoe is ' nan kan bu nan yong '

too loose or too tight?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

japanese garden

bb had random attempt to bring the niece s to japanese garden for the mid autmn festival..
while waiting b to pick me
lol~ oops
super love the apps

 chinese garden
we strolled around taking pictures like tourist..
the place was very crowded..
mountain people mountain sea lol~
we passed by a wishing tree whereby you can buy the wishing materials and throw onto the tree..
then i realised i can't write in chinese, mixed with english.. cmi.. haha

lucky i had one throw and got onto the tree..


Monday, September 26, 2011

i had plenty of mooncakes this year

usually i dont get any mooncakes for mid autumn but this year when i told bb i want to have it and alot came in..
i shared 'homes favourite' D24 mooncakes with joanne..
2 each..
damn nice can..

packaging nice, mooncake also very nice~

then bb also bought 'Tung luk's " mooncake for me
i brought them to office to share and many commented very nice too.
not oily and the flavors are very special
got pandan and etc..

thank you b:)

and mother in law also got me mooncakes from mbs
they had awesome packaging as well.
can use if for storage for little items  :))
and mooncake is also mini one. easy to consume...

thank you mil :))


Sunday, September 25, 2011

treats day

 OTD :Top ,Hanasecret

we brought snacks for our kids..
banana muffins to cheer our girl girl because she's very moody over her period
so like me =x
i love how to she lay her head on my leg :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

jing yi's 10th birthday

after the happy election day
i waited for b to pick me up from home to jing yi's 10th birthday

she was very excited about her bday party~
because she said ' wo ren shen zhong di yi ge shi nian ' lol!

her bday party was indeed a fun one
*so envy of kids party nowadays
got magician, performance and games for them to play

tingting had a fun time playing hula loops, she was the champion among them all..
a 4yrs old won all the 10yrs old kids..

got buffet, presents, performance, games .. bday girl should be very happy..
and everyone got a handmade balloon toy..
enough of words
picture time!

happy ' di yi ge shi nian ' birthday to our dear giselle!

Friday, September 23, 2011

a very happy president election day

only election day i wont dread to go back to wdl..
woke up late than usual work days : shiok!

i secretly brought back our smelly pillow to wdl lol!
i whatsapp b and he replied 'why take away my bb' hahah neh neh ni pu pu

after the voting, i headed straight to curry's place cus she's living just opposite the voting sch..
too bored already...

we slacked at her place and planning about the night activity...
so we randomly thought of having steamboat at my place with beeteng..

very random
but i like it haha

so we headed to ntuc for groceries shopping
we must have a lot golden mushrooms

after an hour of shopping we headed back to my place to prepare while waiting for our vip to come..
i only can say our soup base can compare with le le .. 
herbal flavor hor !haha *proud

while preparing

so our vip arrived

our steamboat is very sumptous 
with companion with beer & scallops
bt say ' we are like having new year steamboat' lol!

our halve time activity was to play with polaroids..*fun fun fun

we keep telling bt $10 very worth it, got scallops, got beer and somemore can ta bao..
very worth it !!!!
thanks to curry's $50 ntuc voucher haha..
shes the boss

after the yummy steamboat we are bloated ttm, we had mahjong session..
so shiok lifeee..

but too bad that my mahjong table damn cui because my family used it for prayers all the time and had burning holes everywhere plus we had no mahjong paper so our alternatives was to play with my dining table lol!

who plays mahjong on round table?
 US! hahaha

my tiles very cui also hahaha!

we played till about 1am and bt have to ta bao the steamboat for her family..
emphasize again to bt ' VERY WORTH IT!"
once bt reached home, she whatsapp me saying her sisters complimating very nice
*see her thumb up

i ended up sleeping over at curry's place for the night because of girl's night again..
her sister must be hating me cause i always sleep over at her place and she will have to sleep somewhere else

the 3 of us just ended up watching individual shows on iphone,laptop and slept away own time own target..
we planned badminton session the next day at RP and i felt like a queen cause curry woke me up and said 
" breakfast ready, wake up and eat "
so xin fu

after breakfast we headed for our badminton session..
exercise time!!

we had awesome workout!

i headed home after that and my dad added ingredients to the steamboat and got ready my lunch.
*good life
the soup base got even better!
i missed it already..

i whatsapp them to show off..

really had an awesome time to spend time with my girlfriends at wdl..
if not woodland will be dead without them around..

a very happy president election day indeed!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Top : Zara , skirt : BKK, vest , topshop , oxford BKK

love it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

by all means

i really hoped my period cramps problem will be resolved :(
i tried all methods by all means but it didn't worked..
i think mine is way too serious

recently seen all the waves by bloggers about chocomarvel and bought it to try..
hmm all i can say it will help for those who have a little discomfort during period but not me..
but it did helped during cravings for chocolate during periods..

im not currently on chinese medicine which yt recommended me but it should take some time to see results..
it tasted really awful.
seriously awful :(
but i will persevere

anyone got better recommendation?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

kids day!

Yeah! we brought our kids to east coast park for intensive exercise..
because girl is too fat.. like me :(

girl like to tuck her head up at car boot
see the signage on the top left corner?
it says ' dogs on board'

while waiting for us to get ready and rental place

i had bicycle ride & b got blades.
brownie runs with me on bicyle ride mode and girl runs with bb on blades mode

only about 15 mins run, they were panting like hell and became strolling.. haah weak leh..
so we stopped by the beach and let them have a rest with water
girl girl enjoying the sea breeze

sorry ah, brownie is really way to dark brown, cant see his face hahaha

continued the running and stopping once in a while..
they exercise too irregular mode so they gets tired easily =x

i love our family outing day anyway!

We then brought them home and got ready for dinner at haji lane :))

top : from hk, short : CP,flatform :CP

we had yum yum dinner @ blue jazz

after i reached home they were sleeping already. had a long run day :)

i wished for more outings like this :)