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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our solemnization Day 1 ( Preparations )

Hello !!

Wanna blog down our journal of our blissful moments :)


Months before, we managed to find a friend whom is the member of NSRCC member to help us with the booking. Was lucky enough as then we are able to book them at a much cheaper rate.

Our 3D2N booking ended up $600 over, for public rate i think would hit up to $1 k over.
I think NRSCC worth the rate as they are really new and clean, not forgetting the ambience :)

Day 1

We reached our chalet at late afternoon, starting with wrapping the cupcake stands.
While family and friends started their own entertainment,like tingting:

After awhile, our benches arrived. I rented them from OWS( Outdoor Wedding Specialist) @ $35 per bench

Found a place to play with the camera!!

 Trying to make our hair swing~~ FAILED. lol

We then took a little nap from the sunny afternoon,right after a light lunch. haha
( we were very thankful for the wonderful weather! )

Curry was resting peacefully in the room while i was fidgeting again & again. Can't get into deep sleep, must be due to the anxiety of the next day. haha.
So i went to play badminton with the kids, sweated like hell!

After the shiok bathe, we started preparing the floral wristlet for families and sisters.
Mother-in-law prepared the bracelets beforehand, so our job is to make it attach with the roses.

Oh yah, not forgetting to mention that all the roses are sponsored by jiayi and her mum( they owned a florist stall at AMK ) Really thankful!!!

See the beautiful end results~ hee
After finishing up the wristlets, then jiayi started preparing the floral decorations for the benches. hee, nice job!
Wondered why she didnt want to be a florist like her mum?
She can be a good florist lor!

 Nice right... thumbs up!

Ahem! Then the guys came to help out, bb was playing around on the first day~
(ps: i was abit pissed at first , maybe i was too nervous.. heh)

Nevertheless, at last he came by to help out, with his gay buddy, haha!
You know why?
Cause the way he was plucking the petals is damn gay!

See! hahaha! He musn't see this!

Say hello to the main lead ! haa

The whole preparations of the floral decorations took up to 5hours!
Sent them all to the fridge for the fresh look for the next day :)

Left with the last thing of the day!!!!!!!!
Our Chalkboard!!
(Got it from Bras Basar @ $60)

Many of them contributed in drawing the chalkboard. Hee!! FUNN!!
Thanks to : Jiayi, jingyi, mervin,adelene ~

Mervin was my in-charge of a clean and neat chalkboard. Haa

Wrap cupcake stand- DOWN
Benches -DOWN 
Floral decorations-DOWN

Getting ready for the next day!!!!

Me,bb and jiayi toasted with collagen before bed:)


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