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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas party in the office

Christmas Eve in the office
we had steamboat affair and gift exchange this year:)


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sourcing for banquet venue

We have checked out many banquet ballroom, listing out for other bride-to-be for references

My concern for a venue
-high ceiling
-straight march-in
-wedding perks
-spacious foyer

i think many these are the common concerns for many of the bride to be

MM was our first choice but really disappointed that our dates are all taken :(
Totally perfect in the list!!!

 Perfect from the list too except for the name & location wise

 with pillars and not straight march-in but was attracted to the price,bridal suite and not bad looking hotel.

 not straight march in/with pillars as well but both the location and perks are good.

not straight march in, ceiling height was ok, wedding perks about the same as the rest. Coordinator quite reluctant.

high ceiling, special LED lightings, the only bad thing was the 2 pillar near the stage and i find that the stage was kinda small.However, the wedding perks given was really attractive, eg free flow beer & wine

this was perfect in the list but please be prepared with a huge sum of amount for the deposit

perfect from the list except for the shared foyer and the perks were not that attractive.

Of course, there are other better options , with nicer ballrooms & attractive perks so it depends on the different budget that you are looking at.
These few options that i've listed are from 1k-1.3k+

Mr & Mrs Aw

Sorry for the long hiatus
Haha, been away for work, christmas party and (im just being lazy) haha

Back to my girlfriend wedding day
I was appointed as the maid of honor, really worried that i won't do a good job 
but nevertheless everything went well:)

Stayed over at her place to help out and watching her doing the traditional combing hair ceremony
 Cantonese has more tradition to follow=x

had about 5hrs sleep and woke up getting ready to battle for war

 colourful hearts
it was for pasting on all brothers & groom's body and they have to shake off by dancing

the aftermath

we just have to take pictures with the gorgeous bride

dresses from HS, the turquoise versus the blue =x

as usual the tea ceremony at both of the bride and groom's place
then we headed to the hotel for preparations
i have to show you guys the bridal suite!
Private jacuzzi & sauna room
like a shiok!

OTD for the night

After preparing myself, i went down to set up the mini candy/dessert table and misc
check out the huge private foyer

awww, zhilong's remus willing to take a photo with me haha

my task of the night = nanny of mrs aw (just to follow here wherever she goes and grab her gown)
 Mr & Mrs Awwwwww

yum seng time

i was supposed to help her with her alcohol intake but she kay kiang hahaha, end up drunk lol.

at the end of the banquet, both the bride & groom drunk
but jiayi kind of drunk is concussion type
sent her to room , removed her gown and let her sleep all the way

after i settled the bride, i went to check out the groom
 the kick coming, the kick coming.....

the banquet manager & his brother have to drag him back to room 
and non-stop puking that i have to hook the plastic bag on him lol!

The night ended with 2 drunkard and me clearing the bridal suite

the bride was awake(sober) at 5am and went on the enjoy the jacuzzi naked! omg, lucky i was asleep lol! 

woke up with happy breakfast sent to the room

i left them alone after breakfast, with happy mood cause im really happy for my bestfriend's marriage :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I missed him oready

Took care of this little furkid for a week
and am starting to miss him already

brought him to office for a few days and he basically just follow wherever i go

Gonna visit him soon as sis's place:)

Monday, December 10, 2012


Ok, 2 good year after our ROM, we started to plan for our customary wedding .

Actually the both of us have actually drop off the idea of having customary wedding initially because we both thought rather to save the $ for a honeymoon or even for baby planning but his family began to rush us to start planning on a wedding :(

The first of all things, we went for appointment with Mr 游龙子
to pick auspicious dates based on our birth date & all.

This is him, old but stylish with his suspender :)

we've gotten 7 dates from him for 2013
should have ask to to go on further to pick more dates for 2014 too cause we have checked with some hotel and most of our dates are already taken:(

Lookout for hotel next

Any excitement?
It will be a #junoserwedding