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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Festive season batch of happy clothes

I'm always feeling happy of the arrivals of new happy clothes

I will give it a check to see if its according to my illustrations and if anything is missing , eg : zips, buttons ,pockets and etc

So glad that the factory did not give us any problem despite the peak season of manufacturing

Happy clothes with happy colours for upcoming christmas

My favourites!
Rompers, studs and crochet in the fav black :)

Some OTDs to share

Wore the maxi asymmetrical dress to my best friend's wedding
Chiffon + Maxi = my favourite coordinates for dinner

Comfy romper for running errands
Its the perfect fit for me!
Received compliments that i've slimmed down
*MUST BE the black romper that has slimming effect on me hahaha

Another favourite!
Studded peterpan chiffon dress
comes together with a spag petticoat
Happy collar smiling :)

Stay tune to the launch ok :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Pancakes

 Little pancakes

Satisfied pancake cravings

Cosy interior

 Yalkut apple , yums!

 I like the pancakes for being alittle crispy and soft

Go try it:)

200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-04 Thomson Imperial Court

Friday, November 23, 2012


so loved
my right hand on her waist
her right hand over my right hand
my left hand over her right hand
 and her right hand over mine again.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello kitty bachelorette party

With a month of discussion, we settled on a date for the bachelorette party.
At first we thought we just throw a party with potluck but ended up we've booked a hotel room at Marina mandarin.

The room was okay but it could have be even better if bt's sis could get us club room. 
Nevertheless we still got a room :)

The planning for this party was like ' what do i need to buy ' , 'am i running out of budget ' , ' do i have time to do this or that ' ahhhhh

so i have to note down the things/food i need to get
 don't laugh at me cause i can be systematic at times haha!

after a week of running around to get stuffs after work, gotten everything ready and i have to pack everything to a small luggage but i was shocked with the weight!!
3bottles of sparkling wine, 1 vodka, 2 of 1litre grapefruit juice and the japalangs...

yep, ive come out of the theme 'hello kitty' cause my dear curry is a avid fan of hello kitty.
 but damn sanrio stuffs are all so costly

i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'lucky' that i had my aunty visit on the day itself, the cramps was terrible in the noon and i had to meet the rest later to rest on couch.

i dragged myself out eventually and met a unfriendly cab driver who is unwilling to help me with the luggage :(

once i reached the hotel, i know i had to rush doing all the set up and i think because of that, ive forgotten about the cramps :)

The preparations
with jess and bt :)
have to set up photobooth with props, food set up and etc
printed alot hello kitty stuffs:)

 we rushed setting up most of the stuffs and went out to get the rest of the stuffs like timbre pizza, helium balloons and all.

need to complain that the party shops at middle road has attitude problem!
 the pretty hello kitty balloon for curry

rushed back to the room and set up the food and balloons.
yan came later with more food

everything was done and everyone got changed and waited for curry's call
i lied to her that we are going to have bachelorette dinner at marina square & maybe go club later in the night haha!

we were all so nervous for curry's arrival!
when she called, we were all like ' jiayi da lai le da lai le ' hahahahah
so funny and cute!

so we sent out representative, bt to meet curry first at marina square
her important task of the night :
to blindfold her and make her wear the sash
bt damn stress about this task hahahah
whatsapp us to notify us to get ready

the 3 of us stood outside the room, saw curry in the lift and all of us ran sneakily to the room to get ready our poppers, camera and video.
we are the professionals lol

curry reached and she released her blindfold by herself


must zoom her teary eyes lol!

another surprise was that she didnt know yan &jess will be there and thought only me & bt will be celebrating her hens night. hahahah!
all of us were famished but we have to toast and camwhore with the photobooth before we start to eat
typical singaporeans style haha

photobooth time!
so proud with the props and backdrop cause i spent like only $12.80 for the backdrop lol!

 sek enk specs for me=x

 so according to my plan right loL!
menu of the night (left to right)
Macarons from NTUC finest
Timbre roasted duck pizza/meat lover
Jess's handmade cocktail sandwiches
My cocktail prawn salad
Bakerzin macarons
Hello kitty cupcakes from TPY
as well as sushi platter and elcairs

Have to thank everyone in contributing in the buying and potluck food

so love our food table:)
pinkish and colourful
feeling contented after looking at the table

 jess's handmade sandwiches transformed into very cute hello kitty sandwiches

after rounds of toasting she started to sit on bed

and we had hello kitty tasks for her!
only some could be revealed hahahah and no photos provided

right after the photo that you going to see next, curry went crazy

she started acting weirdddddd hahahaha

her husband msged her a sweet msg and she can't even read so i have to read out loud for her and everybody and it ended we looked like reading to some patient in the hospital

 laughing out loud to the maximum

curry came to the party at almost 8pm and party ended like before 9.30pm

are we too scary already? hahaha!

she concussed from 9plus to about 12am while the rest of us just continue to eat, chat and play poker cards hahaha

jess & yan left early and curry was back with us at 12 plus and we got ready for club at club avatar(Right at level 1 of Marina mandarin)

last photo of the night because we went down and didn't join the queue and both of them went into sleep right after when they are on bed


Morning love
pretty view of the pang cek helium balloons almost touching the floor

morning view from the room

im glad that curry was happy with the party and
she just got hitched last Sunday and im so happy and felt relieved together with her. hahaha

with love