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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tingting's 4th Birthday

They say tingting threw away her NEH DU on her birthday to prove that she's grown up

thats when a mischievous girl turned 4

Friday, May 27, 2011

home cooked again!

I cooked dinner today again..
2 hours in the kitchen can be really tiring

Tonight's menu
Fried rice katsu don with miso soup

 Keep improving

Thursday, May 26, 2011

cold chilling day

Rainy day
Craving for porridge on rainy weather..

While waiting for bb at home, capture my helmet head

We then headed to chinatown for TIAN JI JOU

 wore Hanasecret Naoko Bandage Skirt, woo i can fit into it.. whahaha

 Simple dinner and movie date like this, i'm already contented.
With good food, good companion :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

western food day

Our packer uncle helped us to takeaway Aston lunch from nearby
how awesome cause my lunch is always cai fan cai fan cai fan..

had fulfilling lunch of chicken chop
loved the potatos !
im a serious addict of potato,haha

After work, joan asked me if i wanted to have Popeye for dinner with her, so she waited for me..
come to talk of it, its really funny cause Uncle tay ( a 70yr old) driver from our company pronounced Popeye as
'POP'   'EYE'

This is joan, my companion at office all the time

We shopped awhile at square2, united square and chilled at yakun .



thats how we communicate

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


STOZZ again!!!
Full attendance again yeah

Woke up as early as working days on a Saturday as promised yan to be her nail model for her exam..
I kinda regretted cause i rather have more sleep.. haha
But promise is promise

So i have to drink up coffee to boost my energy before her exam

wore the upcoming piece from Hanasecret, mustard scallop top.. love love love
the chiffon is so comfortable.
comes in 4 colours and all the girls picked one colour each after the day i wore out.. hahah!

Back to the nails

Her exam is on basic, hand to paint red(which must be meticulous as its easy to spot if not painted neatly) and feet to have french pedicure.
Yan is quite confident over her exam but i got a feeling she confirm fail her theory.. haha cus she didnt study at all..
Finished everything after about 2 hr plus.. :)
Famished after it.

So we headed to watami @ ion for lunch.
2 pax at $55 

i was craving for the pizza but ended we couldn't finish everything and takeaway the pizza instead..damn, the pizza should come first..

Some favourite dishes

We whipped everything up except for the pizza :(

After lunch we headed to source for jess's pressies..and met up with jiayi after her work.
we fulfilled jessica's present wish list.. haha
Felt good fulfilling someone's wishlist..

i have to come up with one soon for them to fulfill for me too..wahaha

After a long afternoon, finally we reached our destination at Mind's cafe @ funan

Repeat peat is a really fun party game!!
damn hilarious..

then you will realised that you can't remember a thing your friend just did
like senile 
we had a lot of fun and yummy food there..

We then wanted to head to timbre at arthouse but it was full house and we have to sit by the river just to chill and listen to the awesome band

So our last resort was to walk further down to boat quay pub to chill instead of the breeze at the river

We settled with Eski bar, superb chilling bar

And ended the night with roti prata and maggie goreng

Hoped jess enjoyed herself
Happy 24th!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Evil girl

I'm catching some movies at HBO and girl girl always have to disturb me..
Suddenly flipped over and want me to sayang

Weird and funny that when she flipped over, she will give a evil look
mouth cannot close fully

Stupid girl