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Friday, August 30, 2013

Date with girlfriends

Random brunch at Hungry chimps with bt&jiayi, settled there as we decided to give Strictly pancake a miss when we saw the queue.

so glad we made the right decision to have our brunch at Hungry chimps cause i fell in love with egg benedict!
My first time trying that and absolutely in love
 bt's king kong brunch

 totally instagram worthy lol!
 i love my brunch date

jiayi came later and we just lepak there till 5pm(just US there) as the restaurant had private event
next stop to tcc
we just need to sit and have heart to heart non stop conversations hahaha

after the chillax, we went for dinner at TIM HO WAN
was excited to try the baked char siew buns
we happily joined the queue and was lucky to get the seats after half an hour

 typical tim ho wan's photo

love love love it! crispy on the outside and chew with the char siew inside
totally worth the wait however there is a maximum order of 3 per pax

still feeling upset that bb forgot to eat after i ta bao-ed for him and have to throw them into the bin the next morning

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zyan's ONEderful birthday

Promised Jingyi that i will attend Zyan's big one and offered her a dessert table as Zyan's present:)

Brought all my barang barang over, totally looked like a tourist haha!

Initially she wanted an all black 'tie' event but i thought the seniors wouldn't like it so i came up with a black red and white theme for Zyan together with moustache,bow tie and tie.

She loved it and i loved it too! TOO CUTE
Designed the e-invite for the big party

i'm so glad that bb helped me out during the night before, i only get to rest at 3am for preparing all the stuffs

playing with my moustache prop, i love my moustache man

ready for the dessert table?

i had fun brainstorming and running around getting all the materials and fit everything into the theme

is it pretty?

stayed back awhile for the buffetttttttttt
jingyu's mum prepared superb yummy asam fish!

Zyan and his dessert bar
they say it was tear of joy hahaah!

i love checking out the pictures after the party

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding stuffs

We went to check out the album layout editing with the bridal shop designer and made a few changes but everything was good! :)

Chose our portrait images and the frame for it
so excited!

Had the usual bkt in JB, i can't get enough of the soup, slurp!
We zoomed off in & out JB in pretty fast pace as we want to avoid the jam

Gotten most of the wedding stuffs at Chinatown market, mil brought me there to get the necessary stuffs & bedsheet.

Came across the GDL tradition in the shop and find it useful


Gotten our new bedsheet already! HEE
both me & bb were never a fan of cartoon and there were so much of cartoon designs

 preferred the traditional or rather plain designs(most of them sells cartoon now) and we have gotten the below design at $108(bedsheet & quilt cover)
almost got chopped by another uncle who quoted us $150 which was just few stall away

my next task: print invitation cards
go go go

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Largest Sea Aquarium

Although we sees each other everyday but i always feel excited to go out with him:)
nowhere or anywhere

We visited the sea aquarium 

i practically knows nothing about sea creatures so he was explaining to me the whole trip:)

just like photohunt
spot the difference lol

whenever i saw giraffes, the immediate thought will be 'LEE KWANG SOO' haha!

 we ended our day having yummy desserts at vivcity
my redbean with matcha was awesome:)