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Thursday, January 31, 2013


 From left to right : Spinach, cereal fried fish fillet, chicken cutlet, eggs
all time favourite : ABC soup

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Genting day II & III

Day 2 got better because we planned itinerary of the day which was to travel down to KL

By amazement, we found this cute restaurant for lunch which some of us might be familiar with( the toilet theme restaurant at Taiwan)

was not bad experience shopping at Sungei wang shopping mall, not fantastic but good enough

they had expanded and level 6 was named ' Hong kong street '
 HS's supporter : Lace waisted blouse
thai massage

after spending 6 hours at KL, we took the bus back to genting again.
the driver was like f1 racer, speeding during the rounding up the hills
almost throwing up!

we ended the night with some plays in casino and caught midnight movie at 115am.

woke up to the chilly weather

 Got the baseball jacket at RM29.90= SGD12.50

Breakfast at causeway bay
Please boycott this restaurant because it tasted awful at unreasonable price

That concluded our 3d2night trip at genting

Monday, January 28, 2013

Genting day I

Genting trip day one

woke up at onto fivestar bus at 650am. 1&half hour ride to yongpeng.Has weird tasted roti prata. 4hours ride to genting. watched 'the vow' awesome movie.not forgetting the terrible rounding up the hill.Checked in resort world hotel,not bad and spacious hotel room.Nua in the room for awhile and headed for light lunch at old town. Toured first world shopping mall. Went back hotel, got a delicious caramel vanilla ice blended on the way and nua in the room again.Till evening, called up a van and went down to mushroom restaurant for dinner.My happiest meal there was at mushroom restaurant because got to eat yuan yang xue yu.went back genting and caught 4D show ride(lame 10mins ride). Toured around first world shopping mall again and headed back hotel at 9pm.
Showered and sleep.

outfit for the chilly weather:
upcoming peplum blouse/jacket

i can finish one day trip in a paragraph or two, meaning the trip was boring enough.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Resolution checklist

All undone except for number 4,at least halfway there
number 5 is good but not for the 2nd verse

I have to set new resolution soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The world didn't end there
and 2012 was a happy year for me

I'm gonna sum up my 2012
I got a new hair cut for new year which i never had a bob with long fringe
loved it for awhile

my good friend's cassandra came to the world on January


Curry's birthday at my place and we baked cupcakes!

2nd wedding anniversary

Artica moved to a bigger space

Started designing HS LABEL and of course i love to wear them everyday

getaway to batam with the girls

We flew to BKK once again,
with mother-in-law for the first time

2012 = quarter of my life ( hoping i can grow old with my love till 100 years old)

did ombre dye for the very first time

my polymate got hitched!

my bestest friend got hitched too!
 i'm just too happy and have to plan a perfect hen's night for her

 Sky came to our place for a week stay

Christmas party here & there

till the very end of 2012, we started to plan for wedding banquet

and of course, spending the last minute of 2012 & first minute of 2013 together with my Mr ong

i got fatter and fatter just like ah girl,

the journey continues...