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Thursday, April 28, 2011

i do !

Do you still feel 'i do?'

Mother in law birthday!

Mother in law 61st birthday!

home cooked is the best
and everyone is happy to be together!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Serene can cook ! Katsu Don

I promised b that i cook him a nice meal on a random day.
So i went on to the supermarket!
My hand almost numb.

i carried the shopping bags all the to far east.
want my life!

Ok back to serene can cook!
To cook chicken katsu don, chawanmushi, miso soup and breaded scallop.
Wahaha, only katsu don is not instant mix.
The rest are!
but its all effort leh.

k ingredients.
-Chicken breast
-Bread crumps

okay, dip chicken with flour-beaten eggs then with breadcrumbs

Deep fry until golden brown

Cut into smaller slices

Mix shoyu,sugar and water
place chicken in the middle with low heat

Add beaten eggs

Low heat, about 30 secs until eggs are half boiled

and its done!
With companion of chawanmushi & breaded scallop ( From taka cold storage ), and miso soup (Daiso).

Chawanmushi has to be added with eggs , mix well and steam for about 15mins.
timing must be right too!

So here's my masterpiece!

 My achievements are only to see bb enjoying the dinner that ive prepared :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Weather was still the same
freezing but posing

 cause we are heading KL in the noon, and knowing that its gonna be as hot as SG, so we had our casuals on.
We had breakfast at OLD TOWN ( nothing special ) but we didn't see anything else attractive there..

Do you miss A&W ?
MEeeeeee still loving it!
KL's A&W was much nicer as compared to BKK ones.

 b insisted that must take this hot sauce cause its extremely hot!
to the extend he actually said its hot.
haha hes a boy who is not afraid of any spice

i missed them already:(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Almost to the clouds! day 1

We went on a 3d2night genting trip with bro & sis in law.
Free hotel as they have dunno what genting points..

so we just tag along :)
sleepy max, woke up at 5am!

My colleagues told me that it's not even cold over there so i just brought over thin knitted cardigan that i always wear.
tmd, want to freeze to death..

see the haze when we reached

Im like shivering like mad when we alighted the bus..
Quickly went over to check in.

After lunch, we walked around the plaza and saw this haunted house that we wanna try.
the package comes together with 'Ripley's believe it or not' museum at RM35
good deal!

The haunted adventure was quite silly lah but the museum was good!
some interesting finds

a good walk in the museum :)

We simply strolled around the plaza, slack and eat.
That is called getaway!
unlike other oversea trips is like rushing like mad.

During the evening, we went downhill for dinner.
The weather was damn scary, the wind is like blowing u away and its dman bloody cold..
nevertheless,we never regret with going downhill cause the dinner was cheap and good.

seafood was fresh, feeling aircon at kopitiam.
not sweat at all!

Me & bb's first try to casino!
No luck at all..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hungry go where?

Cuppage !

 delicious at night

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My fat girl girl

cant stop looking at her baby pic

Friday, April 22, 2011

We went to the e awards

Our fren,bt has got complimentary tickets to the E awards..
so she asked to go along

Got anthony ! Favourite!
The rest so so only, siann..

so hoping that anthony would walk pass us somewhere out the stadium.
haa, dreaming!

Didn't manage to take any photos cause iphone sucks. haha..
Overall the event went okay lah, surprisingly, irene ang was hilarious with her speech.. lol! i know right, random.
ok bye.

After the event, we went over to geylang for dinner/supper
 1 2 6 
Another favourite..

Passed bt her bday present.
we upgraded alr, last time during sec sch, our budget only $5 for a present.
Now up to hundreds..

But she's happy :))

A 'must have' at 1 2 6
i always must have their porridge, a weird habit of me adding chilli in it.. haha

We had fun!
HL is another letdown!
gone case to the max