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Thursday, October 22, 2009

why i dislike x2

First, i sprained my back badly
Now, it caused a huge blue-black on my fat thigh.


we rock or not?

rock or gay?

Actual day of B-day

I stayed at home with BB, he surprised me with my favorite cake, cooked mee-sua for me!!

Its a simple day spent but with him around is the best birthday gift!!

Thank you for painting my life with colours!

Ah girl spent it with me too! look at her stupid innocent face.

now our room is so full of love!

Day 3 of b-day

STOZZ, let me run through the order once again.

S im bee teng
T ang wei chen
O kar yee
Z huang yanyan
Z heng jinxian

This is the name we came up with during secondary school days. Sounds gay? but it will remain in my heart like forever!

ive nothing much to say about the absent but i still appreciate the presence of the rest of them.

Thank you for a great day, singing out-loud, lighting the candles myself, the damn spicy steamboat and the crazy arcade times!

i love u girls !

Day 2 of B-day

Ass or 's' ??

They are simply my best bitches, shuting,shuxia and stupid gwen.
Haa, hanging ard at the same old place, however this time round, we didnt dance like madness but drink,talking rubbish,drink,play and drink again!

simply enjoyed the time with them although we dont see each other often but there is no gap between us!

and i loved the perfume & awesome glasses from u girls!
but i hate 151!

Day 1 of b-day

Gathering with best colleagues, had fun gossiping,photo-whoring and dancing around. Unfortunately, theres some irritating desperado freak bumming around our area.

anyhow, we still had fun!!

Many thanks to


Purpur rulezx

Sunday, October 4, 2009


why am i so sleepy everyday single day, its not like im lack of sufficient sleep.
Whats the problem with me?

Birthday's coming.
Kinda Excited cause it should be a happy day .yipee!

My plans
My colleagues& good friends
My 3 's'
My bee
My stozz

Its time for gathering with the loves.

then back to work.

march march marching towards my goal!