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Monday, October 31, 2011

Company gathering

We have company gathering twice in a year..
The time to eat, drink like mad cow and play games like mad dog...

This year, S&YT held the event at NSRCC, i helped to check availability as that was the place me n bb held our rom :))
Once checked in, we had dinner first cause we cant wait for the rest to reach at 10 plus..

Yummy chicken rice from Toa payoh

I have to introduce, Uncle Tay! Hes the man whom helped me with dispatching parcels everyday :))
He is almost 70 but he is still very energetic !

Because they had this outfit runway show thing, so everyone has to wear outfits from the company.. hahaha..

My outfit

So the runway show starts
Its quite funny to see all the funny faces and actions by everyoneee.

Our formal team

Joanne was disaster
she started puking at around 9pm till about 11pm until shes sober..

cant help it to snap her lol!

The place got into a huge mess after flour games, cards and etc...
really damn scary
Im thinking like if im the management, i would blacklist

They had a celebration for October babies!
A lot of the girls in the October clan
Can you spot those flour on the floor?

Phew! Lucky everyone started cleaning up the place after everything ends..

We had fun!
But i missed only the early part of the event.=x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

some interesting birthday messages

Shall start off with my dearest brother
like blood brother not buddy buddy

Joanne got me a romantic dinner deal for me n bb as birthday present :)
but the way she wrote the bday present is shoooo cute..
must highlight somemore...

and i received bday greeting from a hunk!
whee from paul foster( if u watch channel 5 series) u will know who
* blow whistles lalalala

last but not least, greetings from my director of TP design school.
but i was stunned with his i love you! lol

i love receiving bday messages, i felt so loved :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

chou tofu

Are you a fan of chou tofu?

Try chou tofu at a small hk cafeteria opposite city plaza(paya lebar)
I'm not really a fan but the taste was not bad luh, exclude the smell part.
This paya lebar one is one of the best we had so far..

and we loved the che zai mian!!!!
the soup base is like damn nice only

strongly recommended

Monday, October 24, 2011

we loved peking duck

Had an expensive dinner over at Tung luk
heart very pain hahah but we really love having peking duck..
and tung luk had really nice ambience

whenever we are at vivo, we wouldnt miss out shopping at DAISO!
bought many home necessities and the bathroom slipper totally rocks cause they had many polkadot this time round. wheeeeeee!

i love you,you love me, we are happy family

My favourite top at the moment

Takara Lace Top
launching tomorrow at 12pm

My current love :)
Stay tune to the launch tomorrow!
See you there!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let's get high

Party with my ex-colleagues
one of them were my 'bf' the nickname we used to call each other :)

I actually enjoyed partying with them cause i had few friends who love to party..
still waiting for my ah ting to come back from perth so that we can go get high! 

the night went intense for me though at first because stupid me to left my ID at home! and i didnt knew they wanted to order the birthday package which needed my id for verification...

lucky bb was nice enough to drive over just to pass me my id, i knew he bu shuang already...
but no choice =x
thank you bb:)

So the party started!

 we ordered:
1 bottle of johnny walker and henessy! stress haha!

ended up only me and nana drinking. 
too high that u dont even know when did they pulled me up the platform..haha

we are going for another ' let your hair down' session to finish the leftover half bottle soon!

love the girls

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Have you watched real steel yet?

If you haven't

Its really a damn awesome show
i feel that its even better than transformer!

Definitely worth the $ to watch it on big screen
we even went to watch it twice on theatre
crazy, i know lol!

Some of my favourite parts of the show

ok and i fell in love with dakota goyo!
please dont feel the same as me cause
he's mine already hahahah

i sounded very phsyco because hes only a eleven year old kid lol!

haha i googled a lot of his pictures online

hes really beautiful

*ok slaps myself

Friday, October 21, 2011


hanasecret shoot #failed

Due to personal reasons of tt, the photoshoot didn't happened when me, my photographer friend who came to help out and joanne(my colleague) were stucked in office drawing circles at one corner..
*the drawing circle part was a lie haha

The time when we were stucked in office, i was desperately looking for replacement models but none was available :(

Meet sophia, my sec sch friend who is very into slr cameras were exploring my camera and helped me with the cleaning part(i am a rough girl) haha..
Meet sop!

Trying out her lens and she's trying to convince me to change lens
(praying that my boss can sponsor me with a new lens, pray pray)

Meet the nikon team!

do you believe that carrying this heavy camera for 4 hour shoot is tedious?

We started playing with the cameras and lens
fat model

Sop is such a sweet pie, she knew it was my birthday the next day and she baked my rainbow cupcakes!!!!!

Both the interior and extorior is shooooo niceee!
 sop said that this looks like nipple lol!

 thank you sop sop :)
the cupcakes is so nice that i finished up 2 at one shot lol!

Then it was camwhoring time!

I want to apologize to sop and joanne who came in office but photoshoot #failed

not a wasted trip though(we had fun in office haha)
see ya'll soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love redhill carrot cake

 Just opposite redhill mrt station

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Stay tune for this dress tomorrow!

what can i say?
the fabric is damn awesome!!!!!
Previews here:

Monday, October 17, 2011