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Saturday, May 29, 2010

okay the day came!

I prayed that i dont fall sick easily when i got this new job because i wanted to proved that i can still go for work even im sick. I knew they are worried about this issue when they decided to take me in. I think i have proved it to them already. Even when im sick/weak/totally white face , i will still go for work, carry heavy stuffs like packer, organise things properly without any mistakes.

My first time fell sick officially in these past 6 months. Its terrible, my throat is like killing me, every swallowing is hurting me. Blame it on the weather. I know, cause im even sweating in my sleep. Thats pretty sad and annoying.

We went to look for a cooler yesterday, but i felt that its overpriced, eventually we are moving out in another 1 yr plus time. So i think we shouldnt spend that kind of money. Shall just endure over this fucking weather. i rather it rains everyday!!

This morning i was crying to be awake when my throat is killing me, and when nobody is at home to look after me.. and our dogs are barking at me ' GIVE ME FOOD, STOP SLEEPING' ....
i dragged myself up, washed my face and i saw ~~ breakfast on the table. BB ordered breakfast for me, with handwritten love . i felt warmed, at least he cared for me when i needed most even though he was not around.

thank u bb.

i think i need to see a doc.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last sunday, finally went home(woodland) for once.
Been packing my stuffs, searching high and low for some old pictures. Laughing out loud man.
Found many memorable funny moments with best friends.
Anyway, met jy & bt for our super yummy mee hoon kuay at woodland centre!!! im craving for it now again. haha.

I know i had always been talking about this, but i can't stop it cause its really delicious ( ESPECIALLY THE SOUP )

Okay, enough cause im afraid i want to run down back to wdl centre soon for this again. haha..

After the slurp slurp dinner, we went to sheng siong for some aunty shopping. Grabbing daily necessities, especially snacks for work..
Ended our day under bt's block. we can chat simply anywhere, anytime.with or without cockroaches. Haa.

Bee came to fetch me from there, and started playing with Mr barking non stop bobby. Haha. Surprisingly, bobby did not bark at him and started playing with him and even listened to his commands. I think my dog bone played a big part.

I hope the weekend wouldnt end. like forever.
photoshoot next week. gonna have heavy workload again.

new company for work

Des has been coming in this whole week. I have someone to talk to and someone to have lunch with. But she was determined to go on diet, apple everyday, just went out once to run away from my 'cai fan everyday' nightmare.

Just a 10 mins walk from office to the 'Valuable Thai Food'.
But ah loy thai is the BEST!

Fried tang hoon(pad thai)

So sad, des next week only can work on Friday!
Gd luck to your graduation!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


BB is a gift from god :)

8.30am : me : ' its drizzling outside '
8.31am : he wakes up and send me to work.

ps: how i wished every morning is a rainy day. hahaha
. shhh~

Adorable kid at 8.45am with the new hat i bought for photoshoot.


The bond that kept us going

Thank you shuxia :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


located at Shaw House/centre or whatever it is ( Bugis ) opposite those steamboat place. (dunno how to explain) haha.

I swear, you won't regret after you went once. If you are a Thai food lover, you wouldn't want to miss it.

They are always fully booked at 6-7 plus, dinner time. And yes, if you are impatient, please re-consider. Cause the waiting time is like HELL when you are hungry!! HUNGRY MAN IS AN ANGRY MAN.

Just like BB. HAHA!
Unhappy boy

After 20 mins. Only Pandan chicken is served.
still looking unhappy
And BB got this weird habit to wait for all the food to be served then start eating. Feeling even hotter to wait when the fragrance of the food swifting you away.

I think this is their famous dish ! Pandan chicken

Sorry that i didn't take much pictures of the delicious yums.
Busy trying to peace bb to calm down. Haha

Really thanks Nana for bringing there before, i had went there with bb for dunno how many times for dinner ever since.
I remembered the first time there with Nana,people are eyeing at us when we ordered like a full table with yummies .
Hungry ghost. haha. in the end also cannot finish.

I promise with more yummy pictures from AH LOY THAI.

Go try go try!!!

Work space

BB knows that im feeling restless all the times, so he bought chicken essence to bring me to life. Hahaha.

I bought the Japanese mag for this Paul smith bag. Loved the prints. It remind me of TP days, when we print our own muslin bags for sale. Haha. Memories. Funky Grunks if i was not wrong..

Love love :)
i know i need to lose some weight..
The new face appeared in office. Desiree poon. A very good at numbers girl. Haha. Before admitting to NUS, getting part time job first..
Hardworking girl at 6pm.

Currently into the song of ' You make it real '
Had been listening all these while.

if you're here with me
I know which way to turn

Friday, May 14, 2010

I wanna go far far away

I wanna go far far away from here.
Somewhere that we could enjoy the weather, the breeze and the strolling on streets.

Would you bring me there?

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Sometimes your words,your tone and your actions might hurt me a little.

I hope you realize that.
Even though i keep it to myself.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


My mind is still filling with question marks.
Why, why and why.
She was really a talented , nice loving girl.

The contagious thinking really overcome her courage.

Please stay stong everyone, nothing in the world could take you away except yourself.
Life is hard, but nothing comes easy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Although its merely months that i've known you


I am having a mixed emotions.
It was really a bad decision made. So so silly.
Wasn't it better being able to drink, smoke, gossips and laughter at the garden?

I really prayed and hoped you are feeling better now,there.
Even though i wished you were not there.

Rest in peace.