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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Malaysia truly asia

a boring day led us with conclusion of JB shopping!

rushed home to get passport
and so..

there we are!
the un-fresh air, the full of rubbish streets, the weird taste foods! lol, i never had such awful dish in secret receipes.

but we still had fun shopping in city square.

moomoo ssssss

tired* hee

ah ma ah ma ah ma

ah ma's 90th birthday!!!
she insisted me to take picture of her smiley face.
but she just didnt smile at all. Lol

Happy Birthday to dearest ah ma!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

16 oct 2008

Offically, im 21 now. no more of sweet birthdays.

anyway i hope that it would be a great year. ")

bb took off just to accompany me for the day, we had nothing special, just simple meals, meangingful moments.

Our black and white.

had my favourite sakae sushi, at TB.

later on at night, headed to nydc to have our favourite " that boney cake" as my birhday. love it, totallly!
thank u bb , for everything.
YES! everything!

*finally i had my mom's name inked. i took up all my courage man. hell lucky it was endurable pain. i hoped she felt me, praying inside my heart, "telling her im grown-up , not to worry about me no more, and no matter what happens, who comes, you will be the only one mom in my heart"

i love you

15 oct 2008

Pre 21 celebrations at dbl O
( serene merlion part 2 ) thanks!

met up with bb before heading towards dbl O

my best bday gift ")
that was stony.

ah jas turned up at dbl O as well, she bought me something from Topshop, heh, she finally found something that suits me well.
loves loves
i had fun, but not the merlion part of it.
cheers guys!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

our usual monday

monday is no more blue with bb around.

after the three sleepless night of chalet, finally brought ahgirl and brownie backto home sweet home. miss them totally!

after a bad hunger,we strive at crystal jade, ordering and ordering and we are as full as fat cows.


we wait and we wait

seriously, my eyebags are like hell!
this is called SOL, smile out loud. i forced him to.

Relax, take it easy.

i love zebras!


Here i come to 21st year of life. whee!

10,11,12 of october
had my birthday chalet at pasir ris downtown east

really thanks to all people who attended with wishes and gifts/
appreciate it and loves loves.

let pictures do the talking

loves to stozz
pur colleagues
c-walking gang
secondary school friends
due to the lack of camera, credits to vonvon for my chalet pictures
-thank you bb for organising everything for me and helping out in the terrible heat of bbq.
loves a million.
-thanks to auntie for taking up so much time to prepare all the good food
-and also thanks to andrew, as a bbq food chef ( praises of the nice cooked food )
nevertheless, thanks to EVERYBODY!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i need to go on diet

without notice, i had been craving for food at all times.

i need healthy food and fruits from now onwards.

but today, its jasmine's bbq chalet.
can i resist myself from temptation?



ive got all i wanted

pvc legging
leopard print legging
skinny blazer
new shoes

everything was a gift from bb.

our quote " forever together"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

that wedding

bb's customer, Thomas big day.

late arrivals, non-stop leaving seats for breaks
i guessed its not really appropriate
but wthack,lol.
i insisted to have my yam paste before we leave. its been so long since i have yam paste. but that, was a disappointment. not the kind of taste i want. "(

so! cam whoring times.
i nearly burnt my dress just for this

brownie and ah girl shall be the bridegroom and bridesmaid.


im feeling kind of complicated right now.
hes going rom with her on thursday
i didnt know what to say, image of her flashing in my mind, her reaction, missing her presence very much.
shed tears, feeling down.
i didnt know what is happening to the world.