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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


If you still have not download Instagram,
you totally should do it now!

i think many people are in love with instagrams

For HS's customers :

Instagram-like, digital camera in 2013

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Be back soon:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to dark colour hair

Sorry for the disappearance
had been too busy & reluctant to upload the photos =x

Finallyy ive gotten rid of my faded red da doom hair colour(to rusty gold)

and yayyy to ombre style
but as i wanted to tone down a little bit before people starts to say i look like ahlian again, so we decided to hide the red inside:)

 ta daaa!
mad love the brown bb mixed for me:)
 and the red hiding inside


days after i told him i wanted to do the red for the outer layer as well
and he sent me this!

but bb was sweet enough to bring back the hair dyes back home and wanted to do it for me:)

but i was being lazy to do it until now hahahah

thats it for now, i hope i can find time to blog about our bkk trip soon.

till then

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One more day to bkk!

This trip is kinda impromptu and everyone wanted to join in..
but unfortunately the trip has only left with me, bb & mil

haha, maybe it will be kinda weird but no we are going to enjoy the work stress free!

And for the days when we're gone, bee s is staying over at our place to take care of our furkids
appreciate their steadiness so much!

and bee s made an effort to drop by during the weekend to pei yang feelings with our furkids.aww aww awwwwww

so glad that they are did really well, that fat girl even fell asleep between us 

gonna take a day rest tomorrow before we fly to bkk for A&W, thai food, chatukchak, abalones, and our favourite chicken noodle on FRIDAY!

till then..

* blow kiss for everyone here


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feeling proud with my poster hee
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Juno will be away from 3rd August - 6 August because we will be in bkk~

zai jian