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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our love nest(Kitchen)

Just when we stepped into the space, i felt utterly disappointed with the kitchen most! cause it was really smalllllllll

but by now, im so used to the space already.
and also felt relieved because its much easier to maintain lol

 3d drawings
we felt so much better when we saw the designs because it doesnt look that small anymore
ok, in the end we did not choose the glass panel in red, took transparent glass instead as we thought there might be too much red going on in our home haha

in the process of reno
totally love the whiteness

 the little corner for the furkids at the service yard

 still reminiscing the first day when they moved over hee

Yup, finally the granite top was fully done


im still loving the kitchen so far!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Our love nest(living room)

Yup, like finally!

I think just let peektures and caption do the talking!

Let's roll!

 remember this?

3D perspective drawings of our living room

whoever invented 3d drawings is damn awesome cause from this we can totally imagine how our home is gonna be like!

Renovation included :
TV console
Barcounter table top
window grill
Alter prayer
a huge mirror

Furniture sourced:
Sofa (Novena)
Bayseat (Novena)
Barcounter seat (Winter international)
Coffee table (Winter international)
Side table (Winter international)
Lighting ( iwannagohome )
Carpet & cushion covers (holland v)

alright, the process!

End result with furnitures
Totally love our living room right now

Nowhere's better than home

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally im starting to do a home tour

Just to show you what we saw once we've gotten our keys

I think i will have to split all entries
Next post will be the process of reno of our living room

girl and her clone

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just some yums

 home made breakfast for him
 fermented bean curd
 lao fu zi fried kway tiao
superb lotus soup cooked by me!

happy face breads:)

Artica Hair Studio's opening & my red hot chilli pepper head

the best seller in store : they are restocking soon!