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Saturday, August 30, 2008

29 Aug 2008

Listening to: Otherside by rhcp
Mood: Dreamy

No motivation
No focus
No mood

I want freedom of life!

28 Aug 2008

Listening to: One of us by Joan osborne
Mood: Bloated

Had a superb heavy dinner once again, steamboat!!!
i loved the buns.ok, im like spending money for the soup and

had great dinner but mind was so sick of those drawings.

*serene waves
screaming for help!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


im in love with QQ.
look at her!

my hair is messy though.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Promoting and promoting.


support support!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

22 Aug 2008

Mood: aimless
happy dressing!
black & white is the colour

another cant wake up day. thinking whats the reason for going to school, when no one mentioned about what should we do in school. wasted my time totally for staying in school playing viwawa. urghx1 !

stupid players in viwawa played like snails when they had their headline of " fast game 5 sec ". urghx2 !

stupid ahlians and ahhuay sitting behind me in bus with their hp speaker on with loud stupid awful music. urghx3.


settled down at home, while starting on my report, bb called.
another supper day with andrew! bb suggested to have supper at woodlands as then we could see each other again! hee.we had superb heavy supper at woodgrove, i meant superb heavy! i wondered why we always do that recently.
bursting tummy x 3 ( me,bb & andrew )
but still, im happy!!!!
cant wait for our outings again, with endless food feast!

i loved every moment spent with bb!

21 Aug 2008

mood: happy moo

had a long sleep at home until shuting called at 3pm. heh. woke up, had lunch and updating my journal with loves.
my papa was sick, and im worried with his health as hes a hardcore drinker plus smoker. "( i hoped he recover soon.
met bb for shopping therapy at wisma. bought 2 shorts, 2 long sleeves tee at the price of $51. good and happy bargains at. heh...
random shopping next, saw this nice agnes b pouch that caught my attention!!! bb bought it for me. "
lovely.. always wanted a pouch to clear up the mess of my bag.
thank u bb ")

bb's bro was hospitalised with his leg injury "( hoped he recovered soon as well.

travelled all the way to changi for nasi lemak with bb and andrew. long long journey but happy supper!

we shall stop having late night supper as im growing fats! urgh!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


totally in love with bb.
his movements of everything.
showered me with loves and care.
somebone whom i cannot live without with.
my boyfriend.


when he knows that im suffering from my terrible cramps. he went searching for medicine. ") and he bought me this!

evening primrose oil

big big pills but still,
i love myboyfriend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Aug 2008

random net surfing.
saw silly bb on streetsnaps.
he never forgets to advertise artica.

loved their presentation

credits to

Monday, August 18, 2008

18 Aug 2008

feeling tired.
physically and mentally.

high tolerance doesnt mean you could climb over people's head.

Monday, August 11, 2008

11 Aug 2008

who is being money minded?
you or him ?
i dont love home

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy national day!

Birthday of Singapore gave me thoughts of my new wishlist.

-digital camera
-polaroid camera
-sewing machine
-agnes b make-up pouch
-agnes b logo tee
-a lot moredresses
-a lot more shoes
-a lot more tops
-a lot more bottoms

basically a new wardrobe.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Andrew's birthday ( bb's childhood friend )

had home-cooked dinner at andrew's place, new friend " janice" whom i do not know who's related but anyway, nice dinner with all of them.
after dinner, here comes drinking session.
chill a little at bonkers till 1 am( a ban pub from me onwards ), just had a little chivas.

they closes as early as 1245am.

next, crazyhours ( another ban pub from me onwards ), 2 bucket of heinkein = 3 bottles each.
drank like machine with games ongoing.
crazy stunts
each hoping next would drink

mixed alcohol would make one suffer!
and their dear friend puke.
and stupid me still went into that cubicle.


6 Aug 2008

Now i know, who are really my soul friends.

im glad,
how much he stands for me when i needed him most
someone you would lean over after every little nasty things happened to you
to shower you with concern ,
whispering to in your ears that " do not worry,you always have me right beside"

Monday, August 4, 2008

2 Aug 2008

Happy 1 year 5 month anniversary with bb.

Totally forgotten like again. lol
just went for movie randomly with bb after work then we both realised its 2nd of the month, our anniversary again.
me and my fugly poses again.. laa

bb with his loved pvc jacket!

money not enough2 made me cried like fuck. "(

1 Aug 2008

Monsoon Graduation Hair Show @ ZOUK

BB had got tickets to the show, my very first time to attend hair show. heh. excited.

wore my superb heels the 2nd time. the very first time was to a wedding dinner. people could hardly see me in my heels. haa.
had my hair tied by nic. loved it. ")

the crowd at zouk was like wow, all stylist queueing for that show. fortunately, citi bank card holder could go in by the priviledge queue. ")

stood there for almost 4 hours with my heels. my feet almost melt.

the show was abit over i think. but people were screaming and cheering. the one student bb and i looked upon on, won. relieved. haa.

thought of asking bb to stay back after the show but i think my feet couldnt make it anymore. so went home and gave time for my feet to ROAR!!!!

Favourite background before home.

credits to jiawen for tapering my pants.
loved it.

Late post

28 July 2008

Slacking day with BB. had our lunch at cheap and nice henderson market. ")
headed down to bugis for his shopping of hair stuffs, then a little prayings done
after everything followed BB back to his salon, to see whether everything was alright.
i have to say nic is a good employee ")

a nice day spent with bb