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Friday, March 25, 2011

Next post will be on our Bintan trip :)

Gotten a deal from
2d1n for a stay at Bintan lagoon..

A very short getaway from stress..
Pictures from the site..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a random potluck breakfast with my colleagues

A week before, i was discussing with joanne and leeean that Monday we should have a potluck breakfast..
so i told them i would make a breakfast set for them.
and they settle the lunch..

i think it is the first and the last time already cause it was so tiring man.

i prepared the ingredients the night before and also
i woke up earlier than usual to prepare the breakfast...

Have to prepare 5pax..

-scrambled eggs,
-toasted bread
and baked beans

that goes 'serene's big breakfast set'

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we got cheated!

Received message from bt some time ago saying that we should meet on the 5th of march as she got news to break to us.

Initial plan was to go clubbing but it was changed to le le pot again...
same schedule on a saturday..

Then when shernie arrived, then we realised there wasn't anything special that bt wants to tell us..
it was shernie using her hp whom used her hp to msg us..

When she arrived it was already out third round of our steamboat already.....
bloated to the max already lor!

our max is already 3 hours in the restaurant.

Then we headed to the nearby liveband pub and bombed the hotel toilet one by one.
using talkbox to communicate in the cubicle. lol
then we ordered a tower of beer!!
as shernie suggested but she only had a sip and left the place.

so in order to finish the tower, we have to play poker cardsssss...
a new game introduced by bt, the 7 game...

jiayi is damn hilarious!!

the following card after 10 should be J , then she placed a K..
we was like 'NO!!!! then forfeited her to drink..

the most funny part is that she was so confident this time round and she said
' THIS TIME CONFIRM CORRECT! and she slapped loudly a ' Q' above the 10.

me and bt is like laughing until peng!!!!!!!

superb hilarious!
forfeit again...

she drunk already, actions got slower as well as her brain system..

a fun night indeed!

Next time must call bt and check if it was shernie who uses her hp to contact us already..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4th year annniverysary

We planned to have our celebration for our 4th year anniversary at bintan this year..
So on the day itself, i cooked a simple dinner for bb.

His favourite All-star burger.
didn't really taste like the one he had at Billy bombers but i spent like 2 hours in the kitchen ok!

All the deep frying, frying of chips and stuffs..

Lucky bb still think they tasted ok :)
That matters the most to me..

thank you bb for the iphone 4 :)
finally i can change my ah ma generation of iphone..

good times=the time with you :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My self study of protrait shoot

To upgrade myself with the functions of my camera, i went to pageone at vivo to hunt for some guidebook..
Stucked there for almost 2 hours, reading and looking for some useful tips..

Finally i got this guidebook for portrait shoot.
As now i'm taking the photoshoot for Hanasecret by myself.
Not hiring professional photographer anymore.
so i have to keep myself at the utmost skill.

spent alot of time with this camera.
its not a very good one but good enough for me.
just that you will need to know how to use the functions....

So there it is.
the results...

at least its all not shaky as the previous time.
im happy with the results :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i am number four

Another monday date with b :)
To redeem our free cathay movie voucher, we went to catch a movie at picturehouse.
I am number four.

Same routine, had dinner at nihon restuarant.
Nice nice..

Yeah free tickets!

After dinner, we still had time allowance before the movie so we strolled around the mall and stopped by starbuck for coffee :)

The movie was nice.
I teared with the beagle part.
so poor thinggggggg......

See the angel guidance dog in the movie
90% alike with our ah girl righttttttttt........
cute max..

our girl girl still the cutest!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Play day for our kids

We promised our kids that we will bring them to playground someday and that only be able to happen during an off day for both of us which is during CNY!

Chu 5 !

Did some research and we headed off to Pasir ris farm ( Pets mover ) recommended by qiu :)

Before heading out.

once they know we are getting the leash, they are excited like mad...
hahaha, love their excitement :)

In the car, they looked sooooo cute when they stood up and look upon the window~
its like they are imagining ' where are they bringing us '

after bout 1/2 hr journey, we reached their playground.
lots of doggies there playing as well.

this dog very scary, so huge and greedy.
i gave him one treat, then he followed my everywhere until i asked b to carry my bag cus the treat is inside the bag.
continued to follow b..

Then we brought them for a very short swim , they seemed to be very humble out there.
at home they are like the king and queen but when they are out, they acted like puppies.

we actually intended to bring them for grooming at the farm but they are all fully booked.
and i saw these cute little ah girl puppies~
laying over each other.
so heartwarming.hee!
but they will grow up like devil ah girl!!

after their swim, we brought them to holland village for groomings :)
clean and smelling nice nice back home~

'when are you bringing us to play again, sllllurrrrppppppp '

Friday, March 4, 2011

our family loved our couch

We loved our leopard skin sofa cover.

Girl girl loves to laze around with me on sofa.

she always push people away that she can have it all.
bad girl!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nihon Mura 日本村

Monday blue~~~~

Bb is off every monday and we thought of watching free movies to fight off the monday blues.
sadly, there isnt any good show recently~

So we just had dinner at The cathay.
After so long, we didnt notice that there is basement at the cathay,
Sua ku i know.

So we spotted this japanese restuarant which looked quite nice.

Its like a buffet thing, just put ice cream sticks at the respective stalls and they will serve you right after.

Its just like those place that uses sensor card.

i just love japanese food......