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Friday, March 27, 2009


While some naive kids having fun with their orientation in school, we are having our GRADUATION night!! woohooo

The diploma show wasnt very well done though, its all in digital format and only 5 booth exhibit was selected from ADM, unlike us, we have nothing to do at the show but hanging around like some visitors.

The fashion show wasnt very fascinating as well, the lightings sucks although i knew it was due to the video-ing for the big screen. i still hate it. but im still in love with celia's collection. heh.


its over!!!!

External examiner show

Graduation show 26march 2009

After the show, we chilled and played hand guessing games at resevoir(our forever chilling place) with a bottle of red wine. Gossiping, bitching and celebrating the last day of school !!!!!! we then headed down for supper.. i love pratas. ahah

My heels was killing me the whole night and i cant be bothered to just walked bare-foot all over in school. haha.

i will miss my fellow vm mates for sure(extract out from the annoying ones)


moving on from being a student to a working adult."(
i miss being a student where you can order food with ur student card.

sentosa with babes

Late post (as usual) haha

nice weather, nice catch-ups, nice music and nothing beat the time with my girls. ")

Thursday, March 19, 2009

shuxia the lady who turned into her 20s

Late post

A little surprise for her. Jumped out with a cake just outside our favourite toilet.heh heh.

Shes now officially of a legal age to enter dbl o on wednesday. hahaha. shes happy about that.

In a total sober situation before we enter to dbl o

The birthday girl

After having the mixture of alcohol in dbl o

this is what happened in the toilet.

i even tried to capture shuting while shes pee-ing. why did i do that? actually i duno.. hahahah

im evil.



moomoo isnt feeling very good now.
i need a total escapism to somewhere where i could think of nothing, total brain dead kind.
what are we going to do?
i dont really care how people look at us, they are just nuisance and annoying. why did they bother to tell us how difficult is their life when they are always comparing themselves with the others of how awesome they are. wtf are they trying to prove?

you know what,
i do not care where we will be
i just want to be with them

Trigger Click

4 months of FYP was a torture.Time, money, stress, hunger and sleepless nights.we wasnt chosen for the top 5, i do not want to and members are just not doing things right as well. somehow i felt that our group is like the put in least effort kind of group. late, not serious and reluctant for meetings. lol. im not proud of that. but what to do, we have no choice for in choosing our group members.

anyway, i still love our branding.
the catwoman

My designer collection.
Trigger Click Copyright

im lazy to show all the images of the versataility of our garments. sorry.

My work
Visual Merhcnadising

-marketing collaterals
-Booth display

celebration time!!

In designer's garment for the presentation.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Im really glad that i had these girls all the while. We stood by each other when we needed support both physically and mentally. We would just WHINE,DRINK,COMPLAIN,DRINK,BITCHING,DRINK,GOSSIP,DRINK again... lol. i missed those days man.

Seriously, life was hectic yet fun in school ( excluding those times when u have different modules with your good friends) and you have to suffer with some other weird and selfish people. We were always whining about assignments,projects,waking up early in the morning, break time not long enough and cost of money used in projects.ERRRrrr

anyway,anyhow. SCHOOL IS OVERRR!!!!!

The recaps




The 4 S
serene and
stupid gwen

you guys will be my friends for life. ")

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2nd Anniversary

nnIts our 2nd year Anniversary.. whee..

He planned days before to give me a surprise during our special day. Unfortunately, i was so busy with my major project back then, we are supposed to meet before 7 to be at the dining place but i was late late late because i got stucked by the heavy rain in school.

He was a little unhappy at first but its OUR SPECIAL DAY!!!

BB brought me to THE JEWEL BOX for sky dining which i hadnt been taking a cable car since ages ago. The night was so beautiful and i simply just love spending time with him. The food was yummy and delicious and i just cant stop clicking away with our camera during the roundings.

Just before we are back to the starting point, BB surprised me again!!! He asked for my eyes closed, held my hand and proposed to me with a ring. Without hesistation, i agreed. OF coURSE! ")

but of course i dont mean now, i will have to find a stable job, get settle down and walk down the red carpet with you ")i hope you understand bee.

I felt so loved with the bouquet of flowers, ur hand and the ring.thank you bee ")

ya back to the dinner.Initally, we are given 3 rounds of rides for each course of food however, due to my lateness we had only 2. YOU KNOW WHAT!! IM SO GLAD THAT WE ARE ONLY GIVEN 2 ROUND OF RIDES BECAUSE I WAS SURROUNDED BY GIDDYNESS THROUGHOUT THE JOURNEY!!!

after bb's important words of the day, i stopped him.

i said " bee i really dont wanna spoil the mood of our day BUT i really feel like puking now"


i went on to the restroom for my mission.
and i did.

Im such a loser.

there goes my grilled dory, soup and brownie ice cream. wahaha sound gross to me right now.

Anyway bb wasnt affected by me becuase i was well known in my talents

1. FULL OF SICKNESS ( "pua pear" sick in hokkien )
2. CRY LIKE NOBODY CARES ( "hao bao" cry baby in hokkien )
3. SHIT ALL THE TIMES ( "lao sai" diarhhoea in hokkien )

Hope you bear with me for the rest of your life and you cant complain k. ")