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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bangkok travelogue 2014 (His birthday surprise)

I planned this trip for months for his birthday, in between there are many hiccups as 10 pax are going together for this trip.

I have to tell him to take a day off on his birthday so that he would not suspect anything though his mind is thinking about begging me to bring him to bkk..
In the end he thought we were going for a bbq chalet cus i asked him to pack clothes for a day..

The night before

My birthday gift for him (most generous gift so far=x)
super practical gift.. cash hahahha

i purposely dragged him to a staircase at the airport and when he took off his blind off he have no idea where this it...
Then i broke the news to him and he was in shock and have to re-arrange his appointments, oopss! 
But i see happiness in his face:)

Wake up, blindfolded to airport and phew we flew to airport without doing a thing for him.. haha

Like a generous, booked SQ flight and a nice hotel stay for his birthday trip..

As usual pleasant fight experience..  

I chose Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel this time and had a super pleasant stay...
Super clean and chio hotel..

i requested a complimentary cake from hotel and they all came to our room to surprise him :)

got ready and headed to mbk for MK dinner

then the surprise came in..
hubby's bff came too! and i can see my hubby's surprised face

but i was more surprised than him because that girl came in the exact same outfit as me

we were both speechless lol!
same bag somemore
she saw what i posted in the noon and thought i would not be in this outfit. but i changed after our checked in hahaha!

We then headed to sapanphut and CTC for late night shopping till 4am *_*

had his favourite chicken noodle at 2am
kinda fufill his wish hahaha!

That's the end for day 1