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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bangkok travelogue 2014 (His birthday surprise) Day 2

Lovely morning at Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel :)
Love the whiteness still

My hearty and heavy break fast haha!

Ready to start the day

Terminal 21- Massage - Soi 19 wanton mee - Platinium mall - Chocolate Ville - Talad rot fai market

i bought these tees online, he was forced to wear couple tee with me lol!
Mr and Mrs wang

 second time here but still nothing for us to buy
we then went for noon massage and i fell asleep!shiok

i brought them to try sab sab wanton mee, was so stress up when i can't find the place.
Lucky we were still on time

We were all craving for this wanton mee forever ever since

we then split up for individual shopping and we brought some snacks (A&W) back to the hotel wheee..

everybody washed up and got ready for Chocolate ville dinner

it took about 30mins travelling time to Chocolate ville and i say its worth a visit at least once.
the ambience was nice for phototaking but the food was really so-so and pricey.

we booked a van from the hotel lobby for 10pax to Chocolate ville and driver waited for us to finish dinner and drove us to talad rot fai. I forgotten the price, it should be around 1000 baht or something..

Rot fai has moved to a more desserted place but a much bigger space for more vendors.
Still a nice shopping place though.
opens till around 1am.

We ended our night there and headed back to hotel for a nice rest:) 

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